Thursday, December 31, 2009

White Christmas

As mentioned before Chad and I got super excited about the 20 minute snowfall on Christmas Eve while in East Texas and ran out to take pictures that looked like this:Meanwhile, in Abilene, it looked like this:We wished we could have been there for the "White Christmas" in Abilene. But, the "Chalk Dust Christmas" snow in East Texas was well worth the trade for time with family. Because of all this snow activity in Abilene, we have decided that next year the family needs to spend some time in Abilene so we can experience the "White Christmas." (Even though it will probably jinx the weather if we were in Abilene and the snow would then gather in East Texas. Ha!) We shall see!

**(MUCH thanks and all credit goes out to Robert & Lauren for the amazing photos of our house in the snow!!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


One of my favorite things to do in cold weather is to make S'Mores! Yuuuummy!!! Roasting marshmallows (or shmarshmallows as Victoria says) was the plan the other night while my dad made a fire in the backyard. To prepare, I asked my mom at the grocery store "We have marshmallows, right?!" "Oh yeah we have some" she said. Welllllllll, there must have been a little bit of a misunderstanding because when I got home to make my S'Mores I found marshmallows but they looked like this:
*Not only were they the miniature marshmallows, they were fruity. Not the best mix for chocolate and graham crackers. (We tried.) Luckily, we went to the grocery store a couple of days later and we got it right. We bought all new supplies (chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows) and were able to successfully roast marshmallows and make S'Mores!! Chad is the master of making "perfect marshmallows"....he says ;)They were very good! I guess Chad does roast pretty perfect marshmallows...After Victoria ate her fair share of she began studying and playing with her "sticky" hands.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little Bit of Christmas Cheer

This Christmas has been fast and furious! Chad and I have been having so much fun visiting our family. Our vacation started out with me being sick (sinuses..YuCk!) and I'm still recovering, but feeling much better. We have been able to spend lots of time with lots of family and we are so grateful for that. We even got to spend an afternoon with our best friends in Dallas! We are very lucky to have them! My Christmas is best documented in pictures, so let the Christmas festivities began:
Decorating a cake to celebrate my brother's "birthday/Christmas combo"...Yeah, he was a Christmas baby (Dec. 23rd) and we love to joke with him about his birthday combo...Girls going to get their nails done...(I was lucky enough to get mine done. All day I was reluctant to go because I had been coughing/sneezing so much...but, I made it...and now they are pretty in pink!)Even Victoria got hers done. She was adorable sitting so still in the chair...Christmas Eve we headed to see my Aunt and all of the family...Heavy snowflakes began to fall for all of about 20 minutes and we ran outside to take a quick family picture...And, my aunt's family did too... :)Victoria is in a stage right now where she is not so in to getting her picture taken. It is really hard to keep her still enough to take a quick shot, or if she is still it is hard to get her to smile at the camera. However, I thought she looked so cute dressed up for Christmas with her hair bows. So, I found one good shot! :) Later that night, we headed to Chad's aunt and uncle's. We got to congratulate Spencer and April! Yay for the newly engaged couple!! Can not wait for them to get married. I love those two and am very happy for them! (And the ring is gorgeous...good job Spencer!)Back at my parents' house we got out the '09 Christmas pajamas. *My mom's favorite yet of our pajamas. (We were a little more hesitant) But, they made for some funny pictures. And, Victoria enjoyed running around with us dressed up like monkeys.She did not enjoy sharing her blanket with Clint and Kristen's new dog, Daisy.Victoria and I have always told each other "You're a Silly Goose!!" So, I was very excited to find this book for her!Miss Diva all dolled up in her play clothes...
Not a bad Christmas present, ya think??....(I like him!)Christmas morning we woke up so excited to see Victoria's expressions when she saw that Santa had came. *It was a pretty funny sight to see with so many adults and one small child. However, it was a little anti-climatic when we said "Look at what Santa brought Victoria" and she turned back around to us and said "Santa did not buy it. You bought it. You bought it at Wal*Mart." Smart Girl.And last, but not least, Christmas night we spent with Chad's mom. We had a great time playing games, eating home-made lasagna and exchanging gifts!
Chad and I looking at a really awesome scrapbook that Chad's mom made of our wedding...This Christmas has been super fast and fun. I am feeling much better as far as my sinuses go and hope to get completely rested up before I head back to work! (Which will be here before I know it!)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

School's Out For Christmas!

The days of school before Christmas break were so fun! We spent the time working on Christmas themed activities, making ornaments, TLC art, Santa letters, etc.
Thursday was our party. This year, all of first grade read the Polar Express during the Christmas Party and the kids came to school in their pajamas. I absolutely loved it! The kids came in while music was playing and received their "Polar Express Ticket" and then got it stamped before boarding the train. After we were all seated, I began reading the book. The kids were completely focused, they loved it! At the end of the story they all received their bells, and ate their snacks and hot chocolate...YUM!! I had a slide-show of the year so far prepared, so the kids watched that while eating. After we ate, we had our book exchange. We do our book exchange by reading a version of "The Night Before Christmas" that has the words right and left included throughout the story. The parents got a kick out of the kids frantically passing their books left and right. It was a great turn out and a lot of fun!
Friday, was the Santa Parade! At Bassetti, any student who has received 25 AR points gets to march in front of Santa as an "elf". They get little elf hats and all. It is such a fun event for the kids, and that one little hat will really motivate those kids to read! We had 6 kids to cheer on in the parade...So proud of them! Right after the parade we return to the classrooms to be dismissed to the cafeteria for the Christmas Sing-Along. For this, all of the kids sing Christmas Carols led by the music teacher(s). While the kids are singing, and parent volunteers monitor the kids, the teachers get a Christmas gift from Santa...Denny's Breakfast!! After we went and picked up the kids we came back to the room to watch The Polar Express and have popcorn! It was such a fun day. Unfortunately, no pictures right now! :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chad's Mom Came for the Weekend

We've been fortunate enough to have visitors almost every weekend since we bought our house. This weekend, Chad's mom came for a visit. Some friends joined us on Friday night and we ordered a pizza and watched Kung Fu Panda! Well, I slept through it, but they watched it! :) Saturday morning we woke up and got some chores done. Soon to find out that our dishwasher was not running it's cycle and the water was just sitting at the bottom. *Yahoo!* We watched a few steps of the chimney cleaning process. Then we had planned to go out. Chad's mom had came with the intentions to take us shopping and pick out a Christmas gift. We couldn't settle on anything so we moved for a dishwasher! We picked out one that we are very excited about....It came in and Chad installed it Sunday...No pictures yet, sorry! :)
That night we ate at Bonzai:After we ate, we made a trip to Target. I picked up a centerpiece for my table that I had been thinking about. And, here it is:

Chim Chiminey! Chim Chiminey!

"Chim chiminey
Chim chiminey
Chim chim cher-ee!
A sweep is as lucky

As lucky can be

After weeks of temperatures with highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s and a wind chill that is significantly cooler, Chad and I have really wanted to build a fire. However, we knew we wanted to have the chimney cleaned first. Lucky to us, Chad still receives most of his Social Club e-mails from college. And, one of the members just began "chimney sweeping." So, Chad called him up and he came out yesterday. He did a great job, and, most importantly everything was still clean when he left. (No soot or ashes on the floor) The job was kind of smelly, but we kept the back and front door open, and the smell did not stay. Now we are very excited to build our first fire in our house...I just need some graham crackers, marshmallows, and hershey's chocolate to go with it!!!!

Beginning the job! This is what potentially could have been a big mess. But, it wasn't!We've never seen a chimney sweeper do his job before, so we did enjoy watching all of the steps, and wondering how we could possibly do this:
If you need your chimney cleaned....Call Shane!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Free Pictures With Santa!!!

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FREE Picture with Santa

Saturday, December 12th from 11am-4pm

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(325) 672-0455

**This is an extra little advertisement for a co-worker and friend who recently took over this business. Please go take advantage of this opportunity to get your picture taken with Santa and visit the store!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Chad and I had been able to meet our neighbors a couple of weeks ago. They are a very sweet couple with a couple of dogs who seem to be the center of their world. Tonight, the husband brought over a home-made pecan pie (YUM!) to welcome us to the neighborhood. We are honored and excited to have such a great couple to be our neighbors. Who could ask for more??
The funniest part of it all was as soon as we set the pie on the kitchen table you would think that we began to dig in. No, we both pull out our phones to take a picture. Apparently that is how we document our lives these days. He posted on twitter (aka a "twitpic") I posted on my blog. Now that those web priorities are completed....we are digging in. :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My First Pampered Chef Party!

A couple of weeks ago I attended my first Pampered Chef Party, hosted by Lauren Blasingame. It was a lot of fun and I found a lot of goodies. Well, they finally came in and I love them!! (As simple as they are) But, I thought I would share:

I bought citrus peeler, mini-serving spatula, all purpose spreader, small spreader, my safe cutterAnd, a "Tool Turn-About" which holds them all and more:The Citrus Peeler was my favorite find. I grew up using one of these to peel all of my oranges. Now, I have one to use at my own house! YAY!

Ding Dong Visitors Are Here!

This weekend we had a nice visit from Chad's dad and DeeDee. It was short, but well worth it. We first went to Bonzai. We had DeeDee try sushi, well, a california roll. She didn't like it. But she tried!The next morning we woke up and went to AM Donuts. MmmmMmmm our favorite donut shop. We all got so many donuts! You can tell in this picture it was early, and we were tired. But, I think you know who Chad gets his *morning eyes* from. :)They brought us an old bed. We were so excited! Now we have a place for our guests to sleep. **More decorations to come...

Outside Decorations

Chad and I have been debating whether or not to get Christmas Lights this year. We finally decided that we could go ahead and get them this year. We were so excited so we went to Lowe's and shopped around to see what lights they had. Chad wanted the LED lights, but I didn't like the blue tint they had. So, we settled on these sparkling white lights that have more of a white tent to them:In deep thought, figuring out his plan...
While he worked on the lights, I worked on this. One big mess of leaves.Yay! We have a nice green lawn again! (Until the grass completely dies for the winter)It was sooooo cold outside. Thank you Swiss Miss hot chocolate for keeping us warm!Another purchase from Lowes, wreaths for our windows:And, the finished product! Unfortunately, some of the lights are crooked. Chad spent a long time trying to straighten out those dang lights. But the strand was so tight they wouldn't stay where he placed them. Oh well, maybe later....