Thursday, August 27, 2009

Class! Class! Yes? Yes?

And that would be how I get my students attention at school. However I say "class," they say "yes." If you haven't checked out "whole brain teaching" formerly known as "power teaching" you should! That is where the Class/Yes and many other forms of classroom management in my class came from. There are also a lot of great clips on youtube. Here's the first one I ever watched:

This week has been fast and furious filled with rules and procedures. The students have been catching on really well. They now know all of their rules (or, as we call them "responsibilities") along with the appropriate hand gestures. I am so proud of them! Today we wrote our "Class Promise." The kids came up with everything to say on our Class Promise. I just put it together in paragraph form. Way to go young learners! And, here it is: