Monday, August 17, 2009

Everyone Should Shop at Macy's!

This summer our school librarian traveled to New York on vacation. On her list of places to visit was Macy's.

Upon entering, she was amazed to find that all of the decorations in Macy's matched our school's groovy 60s theme: "Peace, Love, Bassetti." She quickly found the manager to see if any of the decorations were for sale, seeing how PERFECT they would be hanging in our school.

As she explained who she was and why she wanted to purchase these decorations, the manager of Macy's pulled her aside and asked for her email address. He told her that he would send them to our school once they were finished with them. WOW!

Low and behold, she heard back from him shortly after their trip, and now, the decorations are beautifully hung around our school halls and library! Thank you Macy's for your generous donation!!!!!!

And THAT is why everyone should shop at Macy's! :) Pictures to come!!!

(There were a lot more photo opportunities. But, I felt one gave you the idea!)

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