Monday, August 24, 2009

One Day Down...

I am not sure how I have the energy, time or brain power to write this, but I want to. Today was Day 1 of school and it went great. Full of shy laughter, awkward smiles, quiet answers, and an unwillingness to be the first, 21 of 21 of my kiddos showed up this morning and got home safely, I'd say it was a successful day. The energy it takes to make decisions for 21 kids while being "on stage" all day long is quite demanding. Therefore, please forgive me if I fail to blog for a little while. My body must again become adjusted It is going to be a great year! I can not wait to see the progress my students will make. :)

Chad is great....This is what I "came downstairs to" for my first day back. (It wasn't until I had been down stairs for about 10 minutes that I noticed them. Chad got quite a kick out of that.) I was pleasantly surprised. :)

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