Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Be Cool. Stay in School.

So today was the nationally debated "President Obama's Address to Students". AISD had chosen for this event to be optional and that if parents requested it not to be shown to their child that we respect that. I decided to allow my students to watch a small portion of the address today (the first 10 minutes.) Considering my students are 6 and 7 years old, I figured this is what they would gather from the speech:

1. WOW! THAT is the President of the UNITED STATES!
2. Maybe I could be the president one day.
3. He is talking to ME?
4. Yeah, I really should stay in school and do my best so that I can do something great one day.
5. This is historical.
6. This man is in an authority position, and I may not always agree with his decisions, but I should respect him.

We were only able to view 10 minutes of the beginning because we had to leave for lunch. This was all their attention spans could handle anyway. As far as the first 10 minutes, I thought it went well.

After I turned it off, I asked them what was one thing they learned from the video? And most of them said that they should stay in school and do their best. I think it was good for them to be reminded of that.

P.S What a great honor it was for the senior in high school who introduced the President of the United States while millions of viewers were tuned in around the nation. I can't even imagine what an unforgettable experience that was for him.