Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!

This weekend Chad and I headed out to East Texas to see our families. We were very excited since we do not get to see them very often. Our weekend started off like this:

**Lots of Rain which ended up in Heavy Traffic. BOOOOOO.
Once we arrived, the trip was wonderful as always. We visited with both of our families which is always so much fun.

**Especially entertaining was my niece...
I would never trade my time with her of being told what to do and where to sit, drinking imaginary coffee, acting like mama and baby dog, cleaning ice cream messes, being a tickle monster, sharing my pizza, singing songs and making up songs...

**Her new love, "The Hairbrush Song" by Veggie Tales. What kid doesn't love Veggie Tales?
**Saw this on our trip, which we found interesting:
**Chad and I were able to stock up on my new favorite wine that Ma-in-Law had gotten for us for our anniversary. SOOOOO Yummy:
**Finally, thanks to my mom, these landed in our home:
All in all, one fabulous trip. Again. Ready to go back already, but will have to wait until Thanksgiving.