Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Prize Patrol Visits Abilene Schools"

Each year, Abilene Education Foundation offers the "Star Grant" to provide funding to teachers with creative and innovative ideas to benefit their students. Teachers submit a grant asking for up to $1,000. This summer we worked on a grant for the First Grade Team, asking for leveled books for each classroom that our students could read during the Daily 5 to work on reading and comprehension strategies. Surprisingly, when we walked out of the lunch room Thursday, there was a group of 10-15 adults dressed very professionally with balloons, noise makers, camera crew, news reporters and one of those giant checks. Nerves set in immediately! I jumbled over my words when the news asked me to tell a little about the grant. Oh well! We were all so excited that we had received our grant! The article is here.
My students were quite confused and also slightly shocked when I picked them up from lunch and they saw SO many people. When I got them to the classroom I explained what everything was, and then they were very excited too! Can't wait to order the books now! :) THANK YOU ABILENE EDUCATION FOUNDATION!!!

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