Saturday, October 31, 2009

And Again...

Chad's mom is the best package sender....Yesterday we received a Halloween package for us, full of candy and goodies. Immediately we opened it up and had a little fun:
Thank you Mrs. H!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

You've Got Mail

*I call my mom. Victoria answers.*
Victoria: Call. From. Carla.!!!
Carla: Hey Victoria!! What are you doing?
Victoria: Call. From. Carla.!!!
Mom: She's repeating the caller ID from when you called.
Carla: OHhhhhhh Call. From. Victoria.!!!
Victoria: *after a hysterical laugh* Call. From. Carla.!!!
Carla: Call. From. Victoria.!!!
Victoria: Call. From. Carla!!!
*One very funny and giggly hour later, I visit with mom. We hang up for the night.*
**Addressed to Carla and Chad...From Victoria:
A cute little picture of that little bundle of energy! **Always full of new discoveries, fun surprises, lots of giggles and one very clever imagination...Her playfulness never gets old...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swapping Stories...

Today was my PDAS Evaluation. (For those of you that don't know: this is when my principal comes to observe a required 45 minute lesson) I felt it went pretty well, I was proud of my kiddos, and I am GLAD it is DONE! :)

After I came home and went into detail of my evaluation with Chad, he updated me about his day. Chad is currently working two jobs. His first and primary job, Milsoft, approved for him to teach one class this semester at McMurry University. He found out today that he had been on the wrong e-mail list at McMurry. (oops!) While he was being updated on the things he had missed by e-mail, he also found out he too will have an evaluation!

It has been a fun semester sharing in the journey of teaching with my husband. Although we teach VERY different curriculum, and our students vary anywhere between 15-30 years in age, we still both teach lessons, give tests, grade papers, have high expectations, and get evaluated! So, with a deeper understanding of our jobs, we really enjoy swapping stories!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank You Kraft.

In an attempt for Chad and I to cook more and eat out less...a friend told us to try Kraft recipes! They are easy and have minimal ingredients! We have been testing out their recipes that are available online. And, have been very pleased. :) Last week we did the 1 bag, 5 dinners deal. This week, we've ventured out on our own, trying new recipes. We started off with something pretty simple and it turned out great!

Poppy Seed Chicken!
Doesn't that look yummy? Yeah, we did that! hahaha...
By "we" I mean: mostly Chad. I help occasionally (like reading the recipe and the cracker topping tonight) but, he's the big cook of the family...and he's good at it too!
...Guess I'm just taking after my mom. :) Sorry mom, Love ya! In my mom's defense, she cooks more than I do. But, we just think the men of the house do such a great job cooking, why should we interrupt that? ;)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Couples Retreat

This weekend we saw "Couples Retreat" with some friends. Having seen the not so hot reviews we were fairly skeptical. However, we walked away with lots of laughs and agreeing that we were ready to take our own retreat!

**The best part of the movie was the comparison Chad made to one of our good friends, and Chad's business partner: Ryan Stephen. I couldn't help but laugh about how not only Vince Vaughn's character reminded me of Ryan, his looks did too! I'll let you be the judge:

Are you still looking for a Halloween Costume Ryan?? We have an easy one for ya: Vince Vaughn.

My Result: Beagle

For those of you who know me well, know that I have been wanting a dog for a VERY long time. Chad has always said we don't need one while in an apartment (with right reason). But, now that we will be moving into a house I have been entertaining the idea and researching dog breeds again, just for fun! :)
Anyway, I took a quiz: "What Breed of Dog Should You Get?" My Result: Beagle! ( In reality, Chad and I will probably head out to the Taylor County Humane Society or find a "free puppy" in a parking lot whenever we decide to get a dog.) But, how cute is this little guy?......
And now, for your entertainment: The Quiz!
What Breed of Dog Should You Get?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Party

Recently, Chad and I had a "Pumpkin Party" with some friends. It was a very fun night filled with pumpkin carving, my mom's yummy taco soup recipe, laughs, roasted pumpkin seeds (thanks to Rebecca for teaching me how to do this last year!) and staying up too late on a school night.

Chad beginning to dig into the ooey-gooey MESS!
Everyone hard at work (except for Randy, he finished pretty fast...haha)
My finished pumpkin!!!!....
And the finale.....**Pictured Left to Right: (Martin's as Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas; Chad's as Iron Man; Randy's as The "2 toof grin"; Hillary's as a Spiderweb; Mine as "Boo")

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Signed. Sealed. Delivered....

Yesterday, Chad and I signed amendment papers and are one step closer to being Home Owners! We are full speed ahead now, and, once we get our loan approved we will be ready to close!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Go Big or Go Home

I guess you could say I was never truly a Dallas Cowboys fan. *SHOCK* Stay with me, I'll explain...I have always liked the Dallas Cowboys! I just wasn't consistent in watching them....orrrrr any football team for that matter. I guess I was more of a "Superbowl Half-Time" fan. Well, lately this season Chad and I have really been staying on top of the Cowboys' games. And, we have discovered that you are either an "over the top" Cowboys fan, or nothing at all. So, to complete ourselves as "over the top" Cowboys fans, we kicked it up a notch and bought our game day gear:
P.S. Even our grocery store, Albertson's, shows their support by offering a 10% discount from your total if you shop on game day, while wearing Dallas Cowboys Apparel.

Copy Cat

I was intrigued after seeing a video that had text on the bottom of it on Megan's blog. I asked her how she did that, because I thought it was sooo COOL! She told me that she just used the iMovie software on her computer. I can do that! I just haven't! (DUH!) Her video inspired me to copy her and begin playing around. I had not used this software on my computer before, but it is so awesome and easy! Here is my first and lame attempt at using iMovie...

I am going to continue to practice! And, hopefully will have better things to video in the future! Thanks for inspiring me Megan! ;)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Decor

Even though we may be packing up our stuff and moving in a few weeks I needed to pull out a few fall decorations out for my sanity! :) I love fall decorations!...When I saw our orange tote box tucked in the back of the closet, it was begging me to pull its' contents out and neatly disperse them throughout the house. I chose a few and left the others. Here they are:

I was especially excited to finally set out the "Hutchins" pumpkin my mom had gotten me last year:

Camera Charger Found!

Yahoo!! Lately, I have been going through our closets to get rid of and organize....J*U*N*K that we have. I was so excited when I finally found my camera charger! The camera has been out of use for about 3 months because I could not remember where I had placed the charger. After finding it, I charged it up and transferred all 1,000+ photos to my computer. Unfortunately, some were unreadable. But, here's a few I found (mostly from this past summer). Just for fun:

Victoria and her dad (my brother) Jared:

Victoria with the family dog Sandy:
My second cousin doing his favorite thing at my mom/dad's house...SWIMMING!
Chad at the Milsoft User's Conference 2009, boarding the mechanical bull:
Annnnnnnd, falling:

Friday, October 16, 2009

The First "Little Blue Book."

I wasn't quite sure what to think when a very fun and enjoyable student walked in my classroom the other morning and said, "I made this little blue book for Mr. Hutchins!!" Thinking she meant to say MRS. I asked, "You made that for who?"....(Nope, she was right) "Mr. Hutchins!" she replied. This had never happened to me. I am usually the one to receive all the colored pictures.

*Hm,* I thought, while feeling a little unloved. ;) I told her "I'm sure he'll really like it and I will give it to him right after school." Then, I laughed. Needless to say, Chad really liked it. Better yet, he really liked rubbing it in my face. :P Love my kiddos!

**Picture to come!....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just a Dream...

Chad woke me up at about 4 am this morning because he thought I might have been crying in my sleep. Nope, I was just laughing. Laughing hard. You'd laugh out loud in your sleep too if THIS was your dream:

I was at my parents house, and I was playing with Victoria while my brother(Victoria's dad) went to the bathroom to change and get ready for a doctor's appointment. He came out saying, "I guess I shouldn't let Victoria pick out my pants at the store anymore." In my dream, I looked up and this head, was wearing khaki pants very similar to these:
**I am glad to know this was just a dream, and my brother would NEVER really let his daughter pick out something so hideous for him to wear!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

TELPAS Trained

Today I had to miss school to go to TELPAS training. Not cool. I did find out though, that my kids had been in good hands all day. WHEW! That made me feel better. Provided the interruptions of rain (meaning: no recess), assembly, and library, they received a pretty good note from the sub. Yay for them. Now, to reteach tomorrow! :) All teachers know that having a sub is not fun. But, having no choice in the matter, I'm glad it's over and done with! Getting trained today consisted of listening to a lecture for about 1 hour and then sitting and staring at a computer for about 3-4 hours to take a test. Not my cup of tea. I'll leave the computer staring to my brainiac of a husband (in the best way), Chad. As for me, I'm ready to be back in the classroom with those energetic 6 and 7 year olds!

Inspection. Check.

Chad and I just completed the inspection process of our home! Yahoo! Being unsure about the whole "home-buying" process we've had several friends/family helping us out along the way. Thank GOOOOOOOODness for them! We really wouldn't know what to do without them! Today we brought along 2 of our friends to the inspection. (One who is a handyman, which really made us feel a little better.) We walked away with a few very minor things brought to our attention that we might want to change/fix at some point in time. Great news to us! So, I guess this is the go ahead to move on with the process. We will sign some more papers soon, and now to be "approved" as opposed to "pre-approved" for our loan! We are getting very excited. Very surreal.

The Best Package Sender...

Chad's mom has always been great at sending us little surprise packages in the mail while we were in college, and even still! :) Usually around Halloween, Valentine's Day or Easter, we get a friendly little text that says, "Did you get the package that I sent??" It's always a big surprise and a lot of fun to find in the mailbox! When I started teaching, she started including little gifts for my kiddos. This year they will be especially pleased with the toys and goodies they will receive from her for Halloween!

Target Trip! :)

After being sick and cooped up in the house all weekend, I decided to take a trip to Target on Saturday to get out of the house! This is one of my very favorite stores and it has been a while since I have been able to go and just look. My body did not exactly want to cooperate and crashed on the couch as soon as I returned home. However, while there, I was able to grab a few new prized possessions! :)
I replaced my old purse (which I loved, but was falling apart) with this black one ($13.48) and I replaced my old sunglasses with some that look the exact same, but are not scratched all over the lenses ($9.99). YAY:
And, my main reason for going: I bought my notebook that I will keep better track of my small groups in at school. We have finished our beginning of the year benchmarks and are ready to start closely monitoring child progress. Since it's cute, it will make me want to carry it around and keep better track of small groups and one on one conferences! ;) Hahaha....Magic, right? (I wish it was that easy!) Now, to just put the paperwork together and to good use!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Chad and I just finalized an offer on a house! We had began looking at houses last Spring, changed our mind, and came back to it with new eyes. I had never stopped looking and studying houses online. In fact, sometimes I got "in trouble" for wasting my time looking at houses. Ha! :) We've gone and looked at several and made one previous offer that fell through. We now wait to sign papers, have an inspection, and hopefully sign more papers soon. I will definitely keep you posted (and include pictures later)!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moving UPtown

Saturday morning, Chad and I woke up early to head out to Dallas to help Clint and Kristen move. Kristen said "Only crazy people get out this early to help people move." But, Chad and I could not pass up this opportunity to help because we have been there the last 3 times Clint moved. They moved into a nice apartment in Uptown Dallas, TX. They are very excited about the area because of it's convenient location to shops, restaurants, etc.

Early Morning Drive:
Arriving....We had to get EVERYthing out of Clint's apartment and load it up. Well, because of where the parking garage is located, it is about a mile walk (no kidding) from his apartment door to your car. (NOT fun taking loads of clothes back and forth). So, Kristen and I used our creative teaching minds and loaded up the clothes in one trip.After several hours we got everything moved over to the new apartment. It is very nice, and will be even nicer once Kristen puts her decorative touches on everything. We really enjoyed seeing my mom and dad also! Wish it could have been more than a day trip.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Gatti's Gatti's We're All Going to Gatti's....

It was a fun treat to go out to Mr. Gatti's with some good friends. Enjoyed some yummy pizza, and most of all, enjoyed feeling like kids again playing the games. Chad and I scored 150 tickets and walked away with a toy we will give to Victoria later.
At school lately, we have been studying "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" to go along with our Basal series. We did a really fun activity that did not take long. I can even remember doing this when I was in first grade!
We became "archeologists" digging up chocolate chips from a cookie. They each dug out all of the chocolate chips they could, sorted them, counted them, tallied them, then graphed them! The kids loved it and they did great! **18 chocolate chips were found in the most cookies** Since I'm not putting pictures of my students up, here is my example: