Saturday, October 17, 2009

Camera Charger Found!

Yahoo!! Lately, I have been going through our closets to get rid of and organize....J*U*N*K that we have. I was so excited when I finally found my camera charger! The camera has been out of use for about 3 months because I could not remember where I had placed the charger. After finding it, I charged it up and transferred all 1,000+ photos to my computer. Unfortunately, some were unreadable. But, here's a few I found (mostly from this past summer). Just for fun:

Victoria and her dad (my brother) Jared:

Victoria with the family dog Sandy:
My second cousin doing his favorite thing at my mom/dad's house...SWIMMING!
Chad at the Milsoft User's Conference 2009, boarding the mechanical bull:
Annnnnnnd, falling:

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