Sunday, October 18, 2009

Go Big or Go Home

I guess you could say I was never truly a Dallas Cowboys fan. *SHOCK* Stay with me, I'll explain...I have always liked the Dallas Cowboys! I just wasn't consistent in watching them....orrrrr any football team for that matter. I guess I was more of a "Superbowl Half-Time" fan. Well, lately this season Chad and I have really been staying on top of the Cowboys' games. And, we have discovered that you are either an "over the top" Cowboys fan, or nothing at all. So, to complete ourselves as "over the top" Cowboys fans, we kicked it up a notch and bought our game day gear:
P.S. Even our grocery store, Albertson's, shows their support by offering a 10% discount from your total if you shop on game day, while wearing Dallas Cowboys Apparel.

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