Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moving UPtown

Saturday morning, Chad and I woke up early to head out to Dallas to help Clint and Kristen move. Kristen said "Only crazy people get out this early to help people move." But, Chad and I could not pass up this opportunity to help because we have been there the last 3 times Clint moved. They moved into a nice apartment in Uptown Dallas, TX. They are very excited about the area because of it's convenient location to shops, restaurants, etc.

Early Morning Drive:
Arriving....We had to get EVERYthing out of Clint's apartment and load it up. Well, because of where the parking garage is located, it is about a mile walk (no kidding) from his apartment door to your car. (NOT fun taking loads of clothes back and forth). So, Kristen and I used our creative teaching minds and loaded up the clothes in one trip.After several hours we got everything moved over to the new apartment. It is very nice, and will be even nicer once Kristen puts her decorative touches on everything. We really enjoyed seeing my mom and dad also! Wish it could have been more than a day trip.

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