Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swapping Stories...

Today was my PDAS Evaluation. (For those of you that don't know: this is when my principal comes to observe a required 45 minute lesson) I felt it went pretty well, I was proud of my kiddos, and I am GLAD it is DONE! :)

After I came home and went into detail of my evaluation with Chad, he updated me about his day. Chad is currently working two jobs. His first and primary job, Milsoft, approved for him to teach one class this semester at McMurry University. He found out today that he had been on the wrong e-mail list at McMurry. (oops!) While he was being updated on the things he had missed by e-mail, he also found out he too will have an evaluation!

It has been a fun semester sharing in the journey of teaching with my husband. Although we teach VERY different curriculum, and our students vary anywhere between 15-30 years in age, we still both teach lessons, give tests, grade papers, have high expectations, and get evaluated! So, with a deeper understanding of our jobs, we really enjoy swapping stories!

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