Sunday, October 11, 2009

Target Trip! :)

After being sick and cooped up in the house all weekend, I decided to take a trip to Target on Saturday to get out of the house! This is one of my very favorite stores and it has been a while since I have been able to go and just look. My body did not exactly want to cooperate and crashed on the couch as soon as I returned home. However, while there, I was able to grab a few new prized possessions! :)
I replaced my old purse (which I loved, but was falling apart) with this black one ($13.48) and I replaced my old sunglasses with some that look the exact same, but are not scratched all over the lenses ($9.99). YAY:
And, my main reason for going: I bought my notebook that I will keep better track of my small groups in at school. We have finished our beginning of the year benchmarks and are ready to start closely monitoring child progress. Since it's cute, it will make me want to carry it around and keep better track of small groups and one on one conferences! ;) Hahaha....Magic, right? (I wish it was that easy!) Now, to just put the paperwork together and to good use!

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