Thursday, October 29, 2009

You've Got Mail

*I call my mom. Victoria answers.*
Victoria: Call. From. Carla.!!!
Carla: Hey Victoria!! What are you doing?
Victoria: Call. From. Carla.!!!
Mom: She's repeating the caller ID from when you called.
Carla: OHhhhhhh Call. From. Victoria.!!!
Victoria: *after a hysterical laugh* Call. From. Carla.!!!
Carla: Call. From. Victoria.!!!
Victoria: Call. From. Carla!!!
*One very funny and giggly hour later, I visit with mom. We hang up for the night.*
**Addressed to Carla and Chad...From Victoria:
A cute little picture of that little bundle of energy! **Always full of new discoveries, fun surprises, lots of giggles and one very clever imagination...Her playfulness never gets old...