Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dedicated to My Aunt Brenda!

This post is dedicated to my Aunt Brenda! (Excuse me for the shout out: Hey Brenda!!!) My aunt is someone I wish everyone could know.

Here she is(right) with my mom(left)....Pretty sisters:She is someone who is never short of a good story, good laugh, and good game of 42! Anytime you are around my aunt, you know you are going to have a good time! Our family has always said we have one thing in common: Our LOVE of Sweets!!!! If you ever find someone lingering around the dessert table, it is probably one of us. Well tonight I was craving a fruit salad she had made one time so I called her up and got the ingredients. It was just the perfect addition to a wonderful dinner!

Ingredients: Cool Whip, Cottage Cheese, Crushed Pineapple, Pecan Pieces, Strawberry Jello MixMix them all up in a large bowl.......aaaaannnnnnddddd......VOILA!! The perfect mixture of salty, sweet, and goodness! **PS. If you make it, and don't like it. That's okay! You won't hurt our feelings, because we LOVE it! :)
***And, so I might have fibbed a little. I said this was dedicated to My Aunt Brenda (and it is) but I need to steal her sunshine for the following picture. This is proof for my brother that I am wearing my cowboys jersey on GAME DAY!!!! (He said I needed to have a picture to prove myself, ha!) Go Dallas!!

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