Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Bro-in-Law is a Celebrity

Well, he's not a celebrity...YET. But, he met a celebrity and that's basically the same thing, right? When I found out Spencer met Jay Leno, I emailed him and said "You have to tell me the whole story right now!!! I HAVE to blog about this." ;) And, he pretty much wrote the blog for me. Here was his reply:

"How Jay and I Met"

So I was working on the FOX show I wrangle cable for "Sons of Tucson", and as we were wrapping the 13hr. day I got a text from one of my roommates that went something along the lines of...."Jay Leno's in our apartment." So I told him to hold him there, and jetted home as soon as all the carts were loaded.

Drove down the 5 then the 170 then the 134 then through Barham to my apartment. Then something terrible happened...I got behind a women driver. Drama obviously ensued and she ended up taking a sweet parking spot, which in turn ended me up parking a good 15 miles away from my place but ran the distance in about 25 seconds. Came into the hallway of my apartment and saw the man and my roommate acting out a scene, so I silently watched. After this they came back into our apartment where I was presented with my chance to meet Mr. Leno myself. He walked in and I extended my hand and...

Me: "Hey Jay, I'm the other roommate. How ya doin?"
Jay: "Doin fine, thanks for letting us use your place."
Me: "No problem."
(Quick joke to my roommate Jesse...Jay laughed, then went into our room to change)
(Jay comes out)
Jay: "Ok guys, thanks again."
(Jay Leaves)

and this is what happened.

**W.O.W. He is so COOL! (Spencer, that is.)

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