Sunday, November 22, 2009

Operation PAINT, Carpet, Cleaning

From Friday night to now, Chad and I have been very busy on getting our house ready to move in. The final details are very tedious! But, we hope to move in next weekend....YAY!

Friday night, Doug finished priming and painting the newly textured ceilings and walls with his sprayer. Meanwhile, Chad, Chandra and I worked on cutting in around the edges and other areas of the house that were too small to be painted with the sprayer. That job takes forever.
**Starting the paint:
Mostly finished with the paint (minus the edges real close to the ceilings):Saturday, Chad and I came back early in the morning to pick up, take the rest of the plastic and tape down, finish painting, put up a new fan and chandelier and clean cabinets.
**We had a competition of who could put the light up the fastest between Team A and Team B:
(Team A Lost)(Team B won):But, they both got put up in the end...(With a little help from Team B)
Today, our main focus was getting the carpet and cabinets clean. The carpet was a mess! Luckily, cleaned up good. We vacuumed all the big stuff up using the shop vac first. Then, we went back and vacuumed the house probably more times than I've ever vacuumed our apartment. (HA!) Then, we cleaned it with the Rug Doctor (2x!) It will definitely be clean by the time we are done with it. :) I finished lining about 3/4 of our kitchen cabinets while Chad was working with the Rug Doctor and then I ran out.We are so happy with the results, but even more so proud of ourselves for tackling the jobs! I told Chad this weekend that by the end of this we will put so much time and effort into this house that we will never want to leave it. (And, that might be true!) :)


  1. Michael and I have done the same thing to our house.. it's so much more "yours" when you've put so much hard work into it! :-D

  2. I am so impressed and very proud of you both!! Can't wait to come back and see it!! Love you!!

  3. Good job ya'll!! You did an awesome job!! it looks great!