Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chad's Mom Came for the Weekend

We've been fortunate enough to have visitors almost every weekend since we bought our house. This weekend, Chad's mom came for a visit. Some friends joined us on Friday night and we ordered a pizza and watched Kung Fu Panda! Well, I slept through it, but they watched it! :) Saturday morning we woke up and got some chores done. Soon to find out that our dishwasher was not running it's cycle and the water was just sitting at the bottom. *Yahoo!* We watched a few steps of the chimney cleaning process. Then we had planned to go out. Chad's mom had came with the intentions to take us shopping and pick out a Christmas gift. We couldn't settle on anything so we moved for a dishwasher! We picked out one that we are very excited about....It came in and Chad installed it Sunday...No pictures yet, sorry! :)
That night we ate at Bonzai:After we ate, we made a trip to Target. I picked up a centerpiece for my table that I had been thinking about. And, here it is:

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