Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little Bit of Christmas Cheer

This Christmas has been fast and furious! Chad and I have been having so much fun visiting our family. Our vacation started out with me being sick (sinuses..YuCk!) and I'm still recovering, but feeling much better. We have been able to spend lots of time with lots of family and we are so grateful for that. We even got to spend an afternoon with our best friends in Dallas! We are very lucky to have them! My Christmas is best documented in pictures, so let the Christmas festivities began:
Decorating a cake to celebrate my brother's "birthday/Christmas combo"...Yeah, he was a Christmas baby (Dec. 23rd) and we love to joke with him about his birthday combo...Girls going to get their nails done...(I was lucky enough to get mine done. All day I was reluctant to go because I had been coughing/sneezing so much...but, I made it...and now they are pretty in pink!)Even Victoria got hers done. She was adorable sitting so still in the chair...Christmas Eve we headed to see my Aunt and all of the family...Heavy snowflakes began to fall for all of about 20 minutes and we ran outside to take a quick family picture...And, my aunt's family did too... :)Victoria is in a stage right now where she is not so in to getting her picture taken. It is really hard to keep her still enough to take a quick shot, or if she is still it is hard to get her to smile at the camera. However, I thought she looked so cute dressed up for Christmas with her hair bows. So, I found one good shot! :) Later that night, we headed to Chad's aunt and uncle's. We got to congratulate Spencer and April! Yay for the newly engaged couple!! Can not wait for them to get married. I love those two and am very happy for them! (And the ring is gorgeous...good job Spencer!)Back at my parents' house we got out the '09 Christmas pajamas. *My mom's favorite yet of our pajamas. (We were a little more hesitant) But, they made for some funny pictures. And, Victoria enjoyed running around with us dressed up like monkeys.She did not enjoy sharing her blanket with Clint and Kristen's new dog, Daisy.Victoria and I have always told each other "You're a Silly Goose!!" So, I was very excited to find this book for her!Miss Diva all dolled up in her play clothes...
Not a bad Christmas present, ya think??....(I like him!)Christmas morning we woke up so excited to see Victoria's expressions when she saw that Santa had came. *It was a pretty funny sight to see with so many adults and one small child. However, it was a little anti-climatic when we said "Look at what Santa brought Victoria" and she turned back around to us and said "Santa did not buy it. You bought it. You bought it at Wal*Mart." Smart Girl.And last, but not least, Christmas night we spent with Chad's mom. We had a great time playing games, eating home-made lasagna and exchanging gifts!
Chad and I looking at a really awesome scrapbook that Chad's mom made of our wedding...This Christmas has been super fast and fun. I am feeling much better as far as my sinuses go and hope to get completely rested up before I head back to work! (Which will be here before I know it!)


  1. Love your new Christmas posts! Looks like yall had a great time! Enjoy your new years and eat lots of black eyed peas and cabbage!!!

  2. that scrapbook looks amazing!!! i saw you had a link on my blog (from my blog) and i wanted to say thanks!!

    i hope you had a beautiful Christmas :D. from your pics it looks like you had a blast!