Sunday, December 20, 2009

School's Out For Christmas!

The days of school before Christmas break were so fun! We spent the time working on Christmas themed activities, making ornaments, TLC art, Santa letters, etc.
Thursday was our party. This year, all of first grade read the Polar Express during the Christmas Party and the kids came to school in their pajamas. I absolutely loved it! The kids came in while music was playing and received their "Polar Express Ticket" and then got it stamped before boarding the train. After we were all seated, I began reading the book. The kids were completely focused, they loved it! At the end of the story they all received their bells, and ate their snacks and hot chocolate...YUM!! I had a slide-show of the year so far prepared, so the kids watched that while eating. After we ate, we had our book exchange. We do our book exchange by reading a version of "The Night Before Christmas" that has the words right and left included throughout the story. The parents got a kick out of the kids frantically passing their books left and right. It was a great turn out and a lot of fun!
Friday, was the Santa Parade! At Bassetti, any student who has received 25 AR points gets to march in front of Santa as an "elf". They get little elf hats and all. It is such a fun event for the kids, and that one little hat will really motivate those kids to read! We had 6 kids to cheer on in the parade...So proud of them! Right after the parade we return to the classrooms to be dismissed to the cafeteria for the Christmas Sing-Along. For this, all of the kids sing Christmas Carols led by the music teacher(s). While the kids are singing, and parent volunteers monitor the kids, the teachers get a Christmas gift from Santa...Denny's Breakfast!! After we went and picked up the kids we came back to the room to watch The Polar Express and have popcorn! It was such a fun day. Unfortunately, no pictures right now! :)

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  1. I LOVE how you did the book exchange! So much fun- your kids are lucky to have you!