Thursday, December 31, 2009

White Christmas

As mentioned before Chad and I got super excited about the 20 minute snowfall on Christmas Eve while in East Texas and ran out to take pictures that looked like this:Meanwhile, in Abilene, it looked like this:We wished we could have been there for the "White Christmas" in Abilene. But, the "Chalk Dust Christmas" snow in East Texas was well worth the trade for time with family. Because of all this snow activity in Abilene, we have decided that next year the family needs to spend some time in Abilene so we can experience the "White Christmas." (Even though it will probably jinx the weather if we were in Abilene and the snow would then gather in East Texas. Ha!) We shall see!

**(MUCH thanks and all credit goes out to Robert & Lauren for the amazing photos of our house in the snow!!)