Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Best Birthday Ever!

I was joking with Chad that every year I say that. Ya know, "This is the BEST birthday EVER!!!" Well, I do. Somehow every birthday gets better. Anyway, this is how it went down for the big 2.4....

It started off with my M-I-L, aka "The Best Package Sender", sent the best package! In the mail I found a cute little fossil watch. She said "it looked like something you would wear." And, I agree...I've loved showing it off!!
Saturday Chad and I hung out for my birthday. We had been making plans to go pick out a digi camera for me. (I lost the other one...which was actually Chad's. Whoops!) Goodbye to the recent phone pictures I've been having to update with (like this one I took with my phone of the camera)...Anyway, here she is in all her beauty:On my birthday we had a little "birthday bash" with my grade level team. For everyone's birthday we get together and eat dessert. For my birthday, Patricia made a yummy Mississippi Mud Pie?? I actually don't remember what it was called. But that's not what matters. It was delicious is what matters. In fact, I had some left-over to bring to Chad. (Isn't he a lucky guy?) I wish I had a picture of the yummy thing...it was just gone too fast! Here are some cards I received from school though!Shortly after visiting with my team, Mrs. Kathy called down to my classroom to tell me she "had something really cute for me sitting on my desk." My first ever cookie bouquet from my mom, dad and family!! It was a huge surprise!! (This is a much bigger deal that you may realize. My mom is not the best package sender. That is definitely M-I-L's job, and she does a good job! Mom and I joked and laughed for a long time about how proud we were of her for sending something via mail.) BTW some of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten are in this basket!!!When I came home, Chad had planned to take me out to Olive Garden with Hillary and Martin. They surprised me with some super cute frames and accessories from Pier1! I can not wait to put them in the perfect spots!To top it all off, Chad had a cake waiting for me at home. He said he "picked out the goofiest one he could find." I think he did a good job. I loved it! He had the candles lit, but, they melted too fast. Look closely, you'll see.Best of all...it has been the best day ever to check text messages, voice mails, e-mails, and most of all Facebook! I loved hearing from all of my friends! Thank you to everyone who helped to make it a great day, because it really was the best birthday ever!~


  1. Wow! You did have a great b-day!! I love the new camera! Very nice! (expecting lots of pics!)The cookie basket looks delicious! I bet you have help with that ;-)! And the cake...I've never seen anything like it! Really cute!! Looks like you had a fun night with fun friends too!

    Glad you had a happy birthday!

  2. Thanks!! It was a good day! The cake is yummy too...Albertson's!!! They have a great selection of fun cakes. Chad did well! :)