Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Few More Surprises!!

I had a few more Birthday Surprises waiting for me in the mail today so I wanted to share them! One was a nice card from my grandma. Every time I receive a card from my grandma it always has a nice letter written inside. I love hearing about the stories she has to share and what she has been doing lately. Even in a day of rising technology (which I love) there is still nothing like a hand written letter.
The other was a nice surprise from some of my best friends in the Big D. Rebecca and Chris sent me an "Eat Dessert First" cook book and 2 giant tootsie rolls. (Notice one has already been opened....and halfway eaten). They sure do know the way to my heart!!! I looooooove food! *Two kinds specifically: SWEETS and.... MEAT (right Patricia??). Funny, I know but sooo true. Anyway, I can't wait to share with you guys once I try out one of the dessert recipes! Rebecca suggested a few for me to start out with and I will try them soon...Wish me luck!! :)
Thanks again to everyone for all the birthday wishes! It has been great!