Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Eve Festivities

For several years now, my family has had a New Year's "Party" (although it's more of just a family/friend get together). We always put out the veggie tray and chips/dip to snack on, my dad makes ridiculously hot (but good) chicken wings, we play a game or two, my greatest childhood friends Lauren & John and Courtney (when in town) come over and we have a yearly photo shoot, my aunt & the boys come over, and we end the night with a wide assortment of fireworks.

Clint and Kristen were able to join us this year...*YaY*The guys of the family...Lovely Mom and Dad...Mom, me, and Aunt Brenda hanging out while the guys go get fireworks...Jared came back with a firework especially for Victoria, a little rooster. *She really liked it!We played a big game of Who, What, Where. I should have taken a picture of my dad's drawings. They were priceless.It's Firework time!! Victoria does not like loud noises at all so we tuned them out with these giant-sized headphones. She stayed here in mommy's arms majority of the time, she loves seeing the lights sparkle in the sky.Lauren and John attempting to stay warm...The boys were having a blast...Up to no good, at all...10, 9, 8....4, 3, 2, 1......HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!Burning the remnants of the fireworks...Back inside again! Now for the guys to "jam out" the rest of the night...or, morning?Meanwhile, a yearly photo shoot begins...Love these girls soooooo much!!!

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  1. LOVE YOU TOO CARLA! Always a joy for me to spend time you guys, I was so thankful to get to spend my New Year's Eve with you!