Monday, January 18, 2010

Amazing Weekend with Amazing Friends

This past weekend some of our best friends Lauren and John came to visit us. We have been waiting for this weekend for a long time!! This is the first time any *out of town* friends have been able to visit our new house...YAY!! They came Friday and stayed until Monday...(thanks to Lauren's mom for watching all of their lovely puppies). You might be thinking, oh wow that made for a long weekend...NOPE not at all. Their was never a dull moment. I seriously have not laughed so much and so hard in a long time. Lauren and I have been best friends since Kindergarten and had almost all the same teachers/classes throughout school. We have spent a lot of time together. People used to joke about how we never did anything without each other. Now we live 4 hours away from each other, and we may not talk everyday, but when we get back together it's like we were never apart, and I just love being able to have friends like that. Chad and I are truly blessed to have Lauren and John both in our lives. They mean so much to us. We took the few days they were here and packed them with everything we could possibly do. Unfortunately I have no pictures right now because I am out of a camera right now, but I will post some as soon as I get them! :) Here's a little bit of what we did....
Red Robin, Two Target Trips, Breakfast, Jason's Deli, One CrAzY Trip to Feed the Ducks, Shopping while the boys saw Avatar in 3D, Olive Garden (laughed so hard I cried), Played Games, Painted our Nails (Me and Lauren, not John and Chad), Putt-Putt, Bowling, Primetime, Bonzai, IHop, Hot Wings, Cowboys Game (Sad Day), Snapped(My new favorite show), Flat Tire (right before they were leaving), Pictures, Videos, etc. etc. etc.!!!!

We showed them all the highlights of Abilene and did a lot of visiting and catching up. We tried convincing them to live with us and we almost had them....But, I think their jobs and families will keep them in East Texas (for now) ;)

**Pictures to come later...


  1. Sounds like SO much fun!!! We really need to see Avatar! I feel so behind : ) What did Lauren and John think of Primetime? Did ya'll do the Nascar thing??

  2. It was a great weeekend!! They really liked Primetime...of course we had to go there! We didn't do the Nascar :/ It was our first time to Putt-Putt there and we were not so impressed. But, the bowling was a lot of fun! And, YES you need to see Avatar! Do not wait for it to come out on DVD!!!!