Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Newest Addition...

Chad and I have been wanting a dog for a long time now. Well, I have been wanting one for a long time. Chad has been wanting one more recently. In fact, we almost adopted a dog a couple of times over Christmas break but after this lady broke our heart about a certain dog we wanted, it just wasn't the same. It didn't stop me from researching online different breeds, adoption places, shelters that do not euthenize, etc. We finally came to the agreement that this weekend would be a good time to go get a dog so that is exactly what we did!

We went to Abilene's Rescue the Animals Shelter. We walked in and told them we would like to look at their dogs. They told us to go on back and let them know if we were interested in looking at a dog. It was so sad seeing all the dogs cooped up in those small cages barking at us. There were several I could have taken home. The last one on the right was Ty, a 3 year old Sheppard mix. He really stood out to Chad because he was the calmest one and he let us pet him very easily. We had always wanted a female dog so I asked Chad are you sure you don't want to look at another one? He had his heart set on Ty. So, we went up front very excited. "We'd like to look at Ty" we said. They all gave us a look and we were worried. When they brought him out on the leash he was jumping, pulling, and peeing (yes.) everywhere. They informed us that he has some bad habits and can be pretty hyper. He was adopted for a year and brought back because he was not good with children. They said they have seen him interact with one of the employees' kids and he behaves just fine, he may have just been too big and overwhelming to the kids. They said he was originally found on the hwy that takes you to Tye, and that is where he got his name Ty. So we decided to keep it that. We knew we were in over our heads. But, we also knew we would not have the heart to send him back. With some work, training, and love he would do just fine. So, we sat with him for a while. He calmed down. We filled out the papers and left with the excited/nervous dog. (Who peed 3 other times before we left.) We gave each other the look, but again reassured ourselves, with training he would be a great dog. We still laugh at thinking back to how he acted in the cage. He totally played us, and we totally fell for it. ;)

Once we arrived home, we got him acquainted with our back yard. He felt the need to acquaint me with his bathroom habits. Yep, right on the leg....not 1, not 2, but 3 times he peed on me. So, after that we set in for many firsts on his first day home. We took him on his first trip to Pets Mart (we were VERY nervous on how he would act...but he did surprisingly well!).
We took him on his first walk. We came home and gave him his first bath.Although he is 3 years old he still has a few bad habits. We are mainly working on the jumping. And he has successfully kept his liquids to himself all day today. He is making progress already and will be a wonderful dog.The funniest trait he has right now is that he *hates* the camera. Anytime he sees us pull our phone or camera out to take a picture. He goes straight over to "his" couch and turns completely around. This was the funniest tho: he went straight to the corner...
I wish we knew why, but for now it gives us a good laugh.
He loves Chad already. You can tell that his previous owner must have been male. Or, at least the male spent the most time with Ty.


  1. That is such a sweet story! You both will be great for Ty! I can't wait to get to meet him! I loved all the sweet pictures, but the one with him staring in the corner made me sad. Also, the last picture was very cute....but why is Chad wearing his dress shoes??? lol! that boy!

  2. Thanks! I wish we could figure out why he hates the camera so much! We didn't leave him there for long...we put the camera away when he went to the corner but it is so funny how he knows. And as far as Chad and those shoes go...Who knows?? He wears them everywhere with everything.

  3. He will get used to the camera. He looks like he is smiling during bath time!

    Oh well, Chad can pull off that "I wear what I want to wear" look!

  4. Way to go for adopting an older dog that needs some extra TLC from Rescue the Animals! We adopted JB, our bull terrier, from RTA. (We have had him for almost 3 years and he still needs work. Ha.) Before I had kids, I worked with the Pit Bull rescue group in Austin, who got their dogs mostly from Austin's animal shelter. They are still a kill shelter but the City Of Austin is working to change that. I think you will find it very rewarding to see the big changes in Ty just from having a stable home and owners that love and care for him. I used to have a Border Collier that would exhibit the same kind of behaviour that Ty does with the camera, except her thing was flashlights. Someone had dumped her at our house and she was the best dog I have ever owned. We think someone must have abused her and she associated the flashlight with that. But, Ty might just be camera shy or maybe he doesn't like the sound the camera makes when you take a shot. Good luck with Ty. He is very lucky!

  5. Thanks for sharing Allison! Did not know you had done work with a rescue group! It makes me sad all the animals out their who need a good home. Who knows about Ty and the camera...he does not seem to be getting any more happy when he sees it! That's interesting about your BC and the flashlight. My family used to have a dog who hated anything leather. She would bark forever if someone had leather shoes/jacket/bag/etc. We assumed someone had kicked her before with leather shoes on. Sad. Glad you guys enjoy rescuing too!!