Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sgetti and Meatballs

My brother sent me a picture of Victoria eating at Oliveto's (a local restaurant in Tyler). Chad and I had both previously eaten here with his mom while home for the break, and we highly recommend it! Anyway, the pictures of Victoria speak a thousand words...I think they chose the perfect dish for her. Sgetti and Meatballs!!!
And today on the phone that little girl pulled a fast one on me. She always gets a kick out of making funny mouth noises on the phone. It doesn't matter what kind of noise you make with your mouth you always get a hysterical laugh out of her. So, when I was talking to her on the phone we passed a couple of silly noises, and LOTS of laughs. My mom finally intervened to tell Victoria she needed to tell me bye. Suddenly in the saddest voice ever I hear: "Awwwwww...byeeee Carlaaa.......PFFFTTTTTT (Funny mouth noise)". I couldn't stop laughing. Neither could she.