Saturday, January 2, 2010

Washing Whoops

I know we have all done it before. You are innocently doing laundry and when the washing cycle is complete you open the washer door to switch the clothes and you immediately think *Whoops* Another nickel and penny to add to the collection. *Whoops* I really wish I would not have left that dollar in my pocket because now it has to lay flat to dry. *Whoops* I really don't know how that dryer sheet was left on those clothes before I washed them. *Whoops* It would have been nice if Chad had taken that fishing lure out of his pocket before he put those shorts in the dirty clothes. Well today was the *Whoopsiest* of them all:
*Whoops* Those are Chad's missing sunglasses that were looking up at me (although not exactly like this, it was just a better picture this way) after I washed his jacket. I better start checking pockets better.