Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Sister-In-Law! :)

Mad props to my brother Clint who (finally) proposed to Kristen! :) Last Wednesday (their 3 year anniversary) was the day he asked her to marry him. Although she has been there laughing through exciting moments, reminiscing through the sad moments, sharing/making memories, and already has been accepted as family, now, it will be official! She shared the story on facebook of the events of "how" he proposed. So naturally, I borrowed it...for your viewing pleasure..."So our Anniversary started out with Clint sending me flowers at work. I was so thankful and so excited to call him and thank him! However, when I got to my phone at lunch time he had already texted me saying "Please don't call me today, only texts, unless it's an emergency". I was SO mad (not really : ) so I decided to send him a video so he could at least see and hear me : ) Throughout the day he sent me other texts that were interesting and I thought maybe today is the day he is going to propose, but I was like NO WAY don't let those thoughts creep into your mind just enjoy this! Little did I know : ) When I arrived home I found 3 notes and no Clint! His thoughtfulness and his sweetness made me cry! I did not even catch the hints to flying at this point!... ...He blind-folded me and drove us out to Love Field, this was quite an experience bc I was blind-folded for a while! As we parked I heard a plane and guessed we were at an airport! He let me out and then told me what we were doing! He was acting so normal, or at least I thought he was, but I was so terrified that I could barely speak!... ...After leaving the airport Clint was like "I want a picture with the helicopter company in the background" This was a normal request so we took a few pics... Then he was like " I really want one with the whole building, and flag poles in the pic..." Once again I was like ok....this was a strange request but I KNEW after our amazing anniversary gift there was no WAY we were going to be getting engaged - that would be asking way too much! : ) So we walked and walked, past the car, past the parking lot! Then I see that the grass had been decorated... I had NO CLUE why, maybe they left it decorated from Valentine's day.... - I know that seems ridiculous but I was REALLY sleepy and freezing : )... ...The next thing I know he is in front of me, then he gets on one knee! I was completely shocked!!! I thought I was going to pass out!!!!! He is so sweet!... ...Happiest day of my life! I never thought in a million years someone as wonderful as Clint is who I would spend the rest of my life with!! I am SO thankful for him!!! I also still have a hard time realizing that he did all of this for me and for us. It makes me dizzy just trying to realize how amazing he is and HOW lucky I am!..."

Saturday, February 27, 2010

100th Blog Post!!

To mark the celebration of my 100th Blog Post, I will enlighten you with 100 of my favorite things (in no order):

1. Chad 2. Family 3. Ty 4. Candy 5. Teaching 6. Friends 7. Sun 8. Vacation 9. Movies. 10. Music 11. Dancing 12. Cake 13. Spontaneity 14. Love 15. Acceptance 16. Puppies 17. Clothes 18. American Idol 19. God 20. Scarves 21. Mascara 22. Sunglasses 23. Rings 24. Chapstick 25. Moscato 26. Candles 27. Pajamas 28. Macbook 29. Jackets 30. Facebook 31. iPhone 32. Jesus 33. Niece 34. Classroom 35. Blankets 36. Laughter 37. Games 38. Warmth 39. Flowers 40. Pictures 41. Nail Polish 42. Earrings 43. Hoodies 44. Bread 45. Help 46. Green Grass 47. Home 48. Rainbows 49. Dreams 50. Bassetti 51. Marriage 52. Cookies 53. Fishing 54. Blogs 55. Fires 56. S'mores 57. Snow 58. Giving 59. Dressing Up 60. Sleepovers 61. Bubbles 62. Kites 63. CupCakes 64. Frames 65. Decorations 66. Plants 67. Peace 68. Parties 69. Pizza 70. Hotels 71. Beach 72. Shopping 73. Christmas 74. Birthdays 75. Sales 76. Green 77. Shoes 78. Jeans 79. Joy 80. Ice Cream 81. Cookie Dough 82. House 83. Swings 84. Learning Lyrics 85. Furniture 86. Happiness 87. Fruit 88. Kids Loving Reading 89. Algebra 90. Sleeping 91. Criminal Minds 92. Pickles 93. Trees 94. Nature 95. Smiles 96. Stars 97. Traditions 98. Phone Calls 99. Talking
100. Remembering

Move That Bus!

TLC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is in Mineola, TX to rebuild a deserving family's home. What's neat about this house is it is in the small town where my mom grew up. What's even neater about this house is that it is only a few houses down from where my aunt and cousins live. It has been a very loud and exciting experience for them. It's fun hearing them talk about how you have to have a pass to go down the street, and some of the worker's trucks are being parked where our family usually parks when we visit, and that they have met the celebrities of the show...including Ty! I don't know the family personally, but here is a little bit more about their "story" They tore the house down yesterday while they sent the family on vacation to Hawaii and the house will be complete in 8 days. They are working 24/7!!! Amazing! Here is a picture of the progress that Chad's dad snapped while he was "bussing" people in and out of the work site:
Below is my cousin Holly (left) and aunt Brenda (sunglasses) with Ty!!!:They were celebrities themselves in the following news clip:

*And they could not have said it better about my grandma being right in the middle of it. She would have been wearing a hard hat and working away. She would have loved it, loved working for someone else.*

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Ice Cream!

Since we had a large snow accumulation, I decided to make "Snow Ice Cream!" I got the recipe from Kathryn's Blog. :) Here's what you need:
1 Gallon of Fresh Snow
2 Cups of Milk
1 Cup of Sugar
A Touch of Vanilla
Chad didn't even wait for it to be poured into his bowl:It was DEEEEEEE-Licious!! Thanks for the recipe Kathryn!!!


This has been the year for snow in Abilene!! I woke up early this morning, checked the internet...and school was canceled!! It's always nice to have a day to relax, be lazy, and play in the snow. But, I sure hope I can remember how 'nice' it was when we have to make it up later!! Haha...anyway I was super excited about making a snowman because the last several times it has snowed we have either been out of town, 'sniffly' and stayed in, or it just didn't snow enough. This time, I was determined! So, I didn't waste is 10:30am and I have already been out and played in the snow and built my snowman! :) I convinced Chad to join me for a little bit for some extra help and pictures!!!

When I woke up the snow was BEAUTIFUL! I ran out to take a quick picture before people started driving on the streets. You couldn't tell where the sidewalk turned into the driveway or the driveway the road.I got all bundled up and was ready to play. I was outside by myself for a loooong time until I pestered Chad enough to come join me. I got him outside for a little while! :)He helped me finish my snowman...(He could see that I had been having trouble by myself)Let the dog out....
Now we are back inside warming up!!! Chad is working again and I am being lazy before I get some things done around the house. Ty is being lazy too...*This picture was a whole ordeal. He still hates cameras.And, here's a little video clip for my mom so she can see just how much it was snowing. (And it still is!!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friendship Bread

Last weekend when my MIL came into town she brought some friendship bread "starters" with her. I was really excited because I vaguely remembered doing this with my mom once when I was younger. The "starter" comes in a zip-loc baggie and you have specific instructions on what to do with the mix each day for 10 days. Day 10 came Saturday and I spent some time adding the ingredients, splitting up the mix into new "starters" and baking one for us. I was excited about finally getting to use my new stoneware mini-loaf pan! (It was a gift we received from Chad's aunt and uncle this Christmas)While it cooked, I had some cleaning to do! I had made a huge mess with all of the ingredients and starter kits! I've heard it said that good cooks always make a big mess! ;)The bread was soooooo delicious! We enjoyed it so much that from the 4 loafs we made yesterday, there is only 1 left today. :) I snapped a quick picture from my phone real fast, because this one might be gone just like the others very soon!I'm excited to pass out the rest of my starter kits now. It is a very fun way to cook! :)

ACU's Sing Song!

Sing Song is a pretty big deal at ACU. If you don't know anything about what Sing Song is, you can check out a little bit more about it here. It is basically student groups who wear costumes and sing popular songs in a remix "acapella style" while moving only their arms/hands majority of the time. I know, if you've never seen it, you are probably not sure what to picture in your mind. Here's a picture for ya... (*this is from 2 years ago, my senior year at ACU...and if you look closely you can see me in the bottom middle with some of the best people!)As Chad and I were headed over there tonight, I got a message that Rebecca would be there!! :) She came in with her family and they got in town just in time for the show, and oddly enoughed they pulled into the same parking lot as us, at the same time! It was so great to see her and her family....LOVE them!We went to go pick up our tickets at the ticket booth. We got real good last minute seats that are placed nearly behind the stage. ;) We actually turned out to really like them because we could see all the funny stuff going on behind the curtain as the groups were getting their props ready and themselves situated on stage. We really enjoyed watching the show this year. All of the performances were very entertaining!Best part of the night was getting to run into so many of our friends that we hadn't seen in a while. And, the night would not have been complete without meeting up and getting a picture with the great Lindsey O!
It was a fun night of seeing everyone and extra bonus for Chad since GSP (his club) took another sing song victory for the men's social clubs!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010



*Whew* Now that I got that out of the way...I saw this and thought it was hilarious! It was just too good to pass up...It is a website where you can create what your baby "would" look like by using pictures of you and your "other" (or celebrities if you would prefer). I just had to try it out...too fun not to. And here are the results...drumroll please....Meeeeeet CHARLAD:
P.S. I think everyone should do this and post a picture. It's pretty hilarious.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MIL Visits!

This weekend Chad's mom visited! *Please Note: She called ahead to make sure it would be okay if she came in on Valentine's Day. We told her of course, we can celebrate whenever, doesn't matter to us!* HaHa...Anyway, it was a very nice visit! She was able to get some of her things done and we enjoyed the company. Sunday we headed out to Texas Roadhouse EARLY to beat the Valentine's Day crowd, and we did just that. There were people standing everywhere waiting to be seated when we were leaving. It was a great dinner! (because of the cinnamon butter rolls of course!) Monday we all had our own plans for a little while, but I met back up with the MIL at the house to go and do some shopping. We walked the mall and did not find much...except for Kirklands where I found this little touch for the office:Oh yeah, and you can NOT forget this important purchase at the candy store:After the mall, we headed to Albertson's to get some groceries so she could fix us supper. She always enjoys doing that for us...and, we don't mind so much! ;) Thank you!!Main Course: Chicken Spaghetti!! It was a hit!We spent a lot of time playing with Ty. And, if you look closely in this picture, you can see his new ball that we got him. :) *He was not very excited about having this picture taken...Still camera shy. :/All in all...a very fun and relaxing visit to chit chat and catch up with the MIL! Thanks for coming to visit Ms. Alisa! See you again soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has always been a fun holiday to me. Like anything else, it's all what you make of it. I've always enjoyed seeing all of the heart shaped "stuff". This Valentine's Day has been spread across the weekend for Chad and I. We've spent the weekend relaxing and enjoying each others' company. Friday night we relaxed at the house. I finally enjoyed some wine in my cute "C" glass that my mom had gotten me for Christmas. We cooked a frozen pizza and caught up on our TV recordings from the week.
Saturday morning we woke up and made pancakes. Well, Chad did all the mixing, while I added the good stuff...They were so yummy!
We got around and headed out to see Valentine's Day. (Really cool website BTW) I was very excited about seeing it, and luckily I was not let down. It was a GREAT movie, with great actors (21 as a matter of fact-I counted when their names scrolled across the screen at the beginning). I would recommend everyone to go see it! :)
We came back to spend an afternoon with the dog. We took him on a walk to the park, or, as some of you may have seen on Chad's twitter...the dog walked me! haha..Chad!! ;) Saturday night Chad cooked me some serious Chicken Fried Steak! *He's quite the cook at our house.
Sunday morning I woke up to donuts and flowers delivered via Chad. We laughed as we talked about when he went to get the flowers that morning that the store was full of men, all with flowers in their hand. Chad said he could barely contain his laughter as they all grumbled while walking around with these "frufru" gifts in their hands. The donuts were delicious and the flowers were beautiful! Thank you for another wonderful Valentine's Day Hubs! It was so wonderful to be spoiled, now back to reality... ;) KIDDING!!! Love ya Chad!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Snow!

Thursday morning we woke up to a rainy slushy mess all over the ground. We got ready for work and as we were driving it began to snow. The snow poured down heavy and fast. Although we did not get as much as East Texas (they got 6 inches...not fair, mom! haha). We did get an accumulation of 3 inches. I read somewhere that this is the first time snow has been on the ground in all 50 states at the same time...NEAT! Since Chad and I were not here for the "Christmas snow," it was nice to be here this time for the snow. I have loved seeing everyone's pictures on blogs, facebook, etc. enjoying the snow. Funny how snow always puts a smile on everyone's face! :) Maybe that smile had to do something with the roads freezing overnight resulting in many school cancellations...and we had a 2 hour delay. That always makes for a nice Friday! :)

*Our school playground Thursday morning...*The first grade team...Here's a little video clip of Ty getting out in the snow...He enjoyed it, but as always, he'd much rather have a pat on the head. :)

I tried to sneak a picture of him later in the snow, but still no camera for him. That little guy is so funny with all kinds of personality. His favorite thing-being pet. Yesterday when we were outside playing with him, I was petting him and telling him good boy after he sat down and "stayed"...well he got so excited he did a good job that he jumped up at me. His nose slammed into my nose. *Woops Ty!* I went inside with teary eyes, a burning sensation in my face, and a bloody nose. Good thing for ice swelling! Needless to say, we still have some work on that jumping thing...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Movie and Pizza!

Friday night I asked Chad to take me to see Dear John. I was so excited to go see a "romantic" film. I am a sucker for love stories. I didn't know much about the story except the previews made it look really good and it was accompanied by a super sweet song by Snow Patrol (Set the Fire). Unfortunately, we were pretty disappointed within the first scene by the cheesy lines, and it did not get any better from there. By the end of the movie Chad and I were thinking "Dear John, What just happened??!" Anyway, our recommendation: Don't waste your money. Although we did have some good laughs making fun of the movie and coming up with our own Dear John letters.

Saturday night, one of Chad's co-workers was having people over to make pizzas. I hate to admit, I have not made my own pizza before. Unless these count:
It was a lot of fun. And, the pizza was delicious! I wish I would have thought to take a picture to share with you, but oh well. After we ate pizza and yummy brownies, we played a word game called Quiddler. It was a lot of fun! Chad and I came home to our stuffy noses (once again). Our allergies have been at an all time high this year and we are ready for the season to pass!