Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Sister-In-Law! :)

Mad props to my brother Clint who (finally) proposed to Kristen! :) Last Wednesday (their 3 year anniversary) was the day he asked her to marry him. Although she has been there laughing through exciting moments, reminiscing through the sad moments, sharing/making memories, and already has been accepted as family, now, it will be official! She shared the story on facebook of the events of "how" he proposed. So naturally, I borrowed it...for your viewing pleasure..."So our Anniversary started out with Clint sending me flowers at work. I was so thankful and so excited to call him and thank him! However, when I got to my phone at lunch time he had already texted me saying "Please don't call me today, only texts, unless it's an emergency". I was SO mad (not really : ) so I decided to send him a video so he could at least see and hear me : ) Throughout the day he sent me other texts that were interesting and I thought maybe today is the day he is going to propose, but I was like NO WAY don't let those thoughts creep into your mind just enjoy this! Little did I know : ) When I arrived home I found 3 notes and no Clint! His thoughtfulness and his sweetness made me cry! I did not even catch the hints to flying at this point!... ...He blind-folded me and drove us out to Love Field, this was quite an experience bc I was blind-folded for a while! As we parked I heard a plane and guessed we were at an airport! He let me out and then told me what we were doing! He was acting so normal, or at least I thought he was, but I was so terrified that I could barely speak!... ...After leaving the airport Clint was like "I want a picture with the helicopter company in the background" This was a normal request so we took a few pics... Then he was like " I really want one with the whole building, and flag poles in the pic..." Once again I was like ok....this was a strange request but I KNEW after our amazing anniversary gift there was no WAY we were going to be getting engaged - that would be asking way too much! : ) So we walked and walked, past the car, past the parking lot! Then I see that the grass had been decorated... I had NO CLUE why, maybe they left it decorated from Valentine's day.... - I know that seems ridiculous but I was REALLY sleepy and freezing : )... ...The next thing I know he is in front of me, then he gets on one knee! I was completely shocked!!! I thought I was going to pass out!!!!! He is so sweet!... ...Happiest day of my life! I never thought in a million years someone as wonderful as Clint is who I would spend the rest of my life with!! I am SO thankful for him!!! I also still have a hard time realizing that he did all of this for me and for us. It makes me dizzy just trying to realize how amazing he is and HOW lucky I am!..."