Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friendship Bread

Last weekend when my MIL came into town she brought some friendship bread "starters" with her. I was really excited because I vaguely remembered doing this with my mom once when I was younger. The "starter" comes in a zip-loc baggie and you have specific instructions on what to do with the mix each day for 10 days. Day 10 came Saturday and I spent some time adding the ingredients, splitting up the mix into new "starters" and baking one for us. I was excited about finally getting to use my new stoneware mini-loaf pan! (It was a gift we received from Chad's aunt and uncle this Christmas)While it cooked, I had some cleaning to do! I had made a huge mess with all of the ingredients and starter kits! I've heard it said that good cooks always make a big mess! ;)The bread was soooooo delicious! We enjoyed it so much that from the 4 loafs we made yesterday, there is only 1 left today. :) I snapped a quick picture from my phone real fast, because this one might be gone just like the others very soon!I'm excited to pass out the rest of my starter kits now. It is a very fun way to cook! :)