Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MIL Visits!

This weekend Chad's mom visited! *Please Note: She called ahead to make sure it would be okay if she came in on Valentine's Day. We told her of course, we can celebrate whenever, doesn't matter to us!* HaHa...Anyway, it was a very nice visit! She was able to get some of her things done and we enjoyed the company. Sunday we headed out to Texas Roadhouse EARLY to beat the Valentine's Day crowd, and we did just that. There were people standing everywhere waiting to be seated when we were leaving. It was a great dinner! (because of the cinnamon butter rolls of course!) Monday we all had our own plans for a little while, but I met back up with the MIL at the house to go and do some shopping. We walked the mall and did not find much...except for Kirklands where I found this little touch for the office:Oh yeah, and you can NOT forget this important purchase at the candy store:After the mall, we headed to Albertson's to get some groceries so she could fix us supper. She always enjoys doing that for us...and, we don't mind so much! ;) Thank you!!Main Course: Chicken Spaghetti!! It was a hit!We spent a lot of time playing with Ty. And, if you look closely in this picture, you can see his new ball that we got him. :) *He was not very excited about having this picture taken...Still camera shy. :/All in all...a very fun and relaxing visit to chit chat and catch up with the MIL! Thanks for coming to visit Ms. Alisa! See you again soon.