Saturday, February 27, 2010

Move That Bus!

TLC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is in Mineola, TX to rebuild a deserving family's home. What's neat about this house is it is in the small town where my mom grew up. What's even neater about this house is that it is only a few houses down from where my aunt and cousins live. It has been a very loud and exciting experience for them. It's fun hearing them talk about how you have to have a pass to go down the street, and some of the worker's trucks are being parked where our family usually parks when we visit, and that they have met the celebrities of the show...including Ty! I don't know the family personally, but here is a little bit more about their "story" They tore the house down yesterday while they sent the family on vacation to Hawaii and the house will be complete in 8 days. They are working 24/7!!! Amazing! Here is a picture of the progress that Chad's dad snapped while he was "bussing" people in and out of the work site:
Below is my cousin Holly (left) and aunt Brenda (sunglasses) with Ty!!!:They were celebrities themselves in the following news clip:

*And they could not have said it better about my grandma being right in the middle of it. She would have been wearing a hard hat and working away. She would have loved it, loved working for someone else.*