Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This has been the year for snow in Abilene!! I woke up early this morning, checked the internet...and school was canceled!! It's always nice to have a day to relax, be lazy, and play in the snow. But, I sure hope I can remember how 'nice' it was when we have to make it up later!! Haha...anyway I was super excited about making a snowman because the last several times it has snowed we have either been out of town, 'sniffly' and stayed in, or it just didn't snow enough. This time, I was determined! So, I didn't waste anytime....it is 10:30am and I have already been out and played in the snow and built my snowman! :) I convinced Chad to join me for a little bit for some extra help and pictures!!!

When I woke up the snow was BEAUTIFUL! I ran out to take a quick picture before people started driving on the streets. You couldn't tell where the sidewalk turned into the driveway or the driveway the road.I got all bundled up and was ready to play. I was outside by myself for a loooong time until I pestered Chad enough to come join me. I got him outside for a little while! :)He helped me finish my snowman...(He could see that I had been having trouble by myself)Let the dog out....
Now we are back inside warming up!!! Chad is working again and I am being lazy before I get some things done around the house. Ty is being lazy too...*This picture was a whole ordeal. He still hates cameras.And, here's a little video clip for my mom so she can see just how much it was snowing. (And it still is!!)