Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has always been a fun holiday to me. Like anything else, it's all what you make of it. I've always enjoyed seeing all of the heart shaped "stuff". This Valentine's Day has been spread across the weekend for Chad and I. We've spent the weekend relaxing and enjoying each others' company. Friday night we relaxed at the house. I finally enjoyed some wine in my cute "C" glass that my mom had gotten me for Christmas. We cooked a frozen pizza and caught up on our TV recordings from the week.
Saturday morning we woke up and made pancakes. Well, Chad did all the mixing, while I added the good stuff...They were so yummy!
We got around and headed out to see Valentine's Day. (Really cool website BTW) I was very excited about seeing it, and luckily I was not let down. It was a GREAT movie, with great actors (21 as a matter of fact-I counted when their names scrolled across the screen at the beginning). I would recommend everyone to go see it! :)
We came back to spend an afternoon with the dog. We took him on a walk to the park, or, as some of you may have seen on Chad's twitter...the dog walked me! haha..Chad!! ;) Saturday night Chad cooked me some serious Chicken Fried Steak! *He's quite the cook at our house.
Sunday morning I woke up to donuts and flowers delivered via Chad. We laughed as we talked about when he went to get the flowers that morning that the store was full of men, all with flowers in their hand. Chad said he could barely contain his laughter as they all grumbled while walking around with these "frufru" gifts in their hands. The donuts were delicious and the flowers were beautiful! Thank you for another wonderful Valentine's Day Hubs! It was so wonderful to be spoiled, now back to reality... ;) KIDDING!!! Love ya Chad!

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