Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Delivery for Jared.

I found these pictures on my computer...

And, these pictures found Jared and Victoria in the mailbox. The circle of life somewhat.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weed Killer

Our yard had become infested with weeds so this past weekend Chad became the "weed killer." We sat and stared at the yard for *what seemed like a* pretty long time, trying to figure out the game plan. The weeds had grown up pretty bad so we weren't sure where to start. Finally, Chad went and found the best tool we had for the job...a shovel. He started jabbing away at the weeds. It worked pretty good for a little while, but it didn't take long before our generous neighbor came over and suggested Chad borrow a hoe. Our neighbor used to be in the lawn service and has offered his help and suggestions a few times. We are so grateful for him! It was much easier with the new tool and it made the job much quicker! Thanks neighbor!! :)
And, of course this guy couldn't be left in the backyard alone!! He came to join in on the "fun"!Looking good Chad!!!! Unfortunately, one project leads to another, to another, to another...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cake Mix Cookies

This weekend I made "Cake Mix" Cookies. Easy to make, yummy to eat! (My kind of recipe!) This time I made "lemon" but I also have a strawberry cake mix I'm going to use for another time. There are many other versions on the internet that suggest adding m&ms, chocolate chips, etc. to white cake mix. You should really try it out! :)

All You Need is:
Cake Mix, 2 eggs, Oil1. Mix all of your ingredients together:
Spoon onto Cookie Sheet:Bake at 350* for 8-10 Minutes:Serve and ENJOY! :)

My Favorite Spring Things

1. Sunshine
2. Rainboots
3. Green
4. Flowers
5. Walks

Friday, March 26, 2010


My brother-in-law, Spencer, is kind of awesome. He's getting married this August to a pretty cool girl herself. Recently, while she was visiting him in CA, he took their engagement pictures. Yep, he took their pictures. And they turned out...well...awesome. Here's a few that I "borrowed" from April's facebook! (Thanks April!)One word pretty much says it all: Awesome. To check out more of his work visit his blog, here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

TY-Photo Shoot-What???!!

For those of you who know Ty, you know that he does NOT like pictures!! I think we may have figured out why. We think that the flash reminds him of lightning (we found out recently he gets very scared during thunderstorms). Either way, he will not let you take one single picture. The second he even hears the sound of a camera turning on or setting itself to focus...he's this:Well recently, when Chad mowed the lawn, Ty could not hear the sound of the camera over the mower. AND, there was no flash since it was during the daylight. He had NO clue, and I took every opportunity to take as many pictures as I could!!! Brace yourself, here they are...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking Care of Business...

Chad and I had some things we needed to take care of around the house after returning from Spring Break. One of those was the LAWN!! Typically I would not post about us mowing the lawn. But it was our first time to mow since owning our house, so I felt it was pretty special! :) *And I'd like you to witness along with us how WILD the backyard had grown!....Ah, don't judge us...Surprisingly enough, this cute little guy did not leave Chad's side...Even when Chad had to go around the gate...
Best part of it all...(well besides having a nice, presentable lawn again)...TY LET ME TAKE PICTURES!!!...Many more will be coming... :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Visiting Me-Maw

We spent our last day visiting Me-Maw (My Dad's Mother). We got to spend a lot of time with Me-maw, my Aunt Pam, my Cousin Sarah and her son Keith Warren. And, we had a quick visit with Marissa and Mitchell before they left for Softball Practice. Keith Warren kept us all entertained and laughing the entire time! What a cutie!...
And, since "Uncle Carl" was not around, Chad became Keith Warren's new best friend...As always, we really enjoyed our trip of visiting and catching up with Me-Maw. And Sarah cooked us a yummy supper too! :)Soon after, we packed up and were heading back to Abilene to take care of some things before we had to get back into the routine of work...
*But not without one more goodbye from my favorite little girlie...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jared's BDay Surprise

We celebrated Jared's birthday altogether this year. This is a rarity for us to all be together on his BDay considering he is usually working, or his birthday does not fall quite on Spring Break. Not this year!
...We all bought him "golf related" gifts...because Angela's gift for him was supposed to be golf clubs. He really enjoyed it and thought he knew what was coming...Then Angela revealed the BIG surprise!...She pulled out Metal Skewers and a Grilling Basket. WHAT???? Not quite what Jared was expecting...hahaha...I think he had a little bit a disappointment on his face so we told Chad to go get him his REAL gift...Drum Roll Please...


But, eventually (after lots of tricking) there was a happy man in the house... And the golf clubs went to the appropriate person...Happy Birthday!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Visit

For part of our Spring Break Chad and I headed out to East Texas to see our families! It was fun but fast! Chad's trip started out with a few days at SXSW in Austin, while I rode to East Texas with my parents. So, it was very nice once he was back around. While in East Texas we spent time visiting our family, babysitting Victoria, watching Ty play with his new best friend Daisy (Clint and Kristen's dog), and visiting my grandma. We wish we had a few more days to spend, but that's how the story always goes!

Ty was immediately attached to Daisy. They played like the best of friends and never stopped. Seriously, they NEVER stopped playing! We had to separate them at times just so they would stop and rest. It helped Ty for the car ride home though! He was sound asleep almost the entire way! I tried to take some good pictures of them playing together but this is what happened...Ty saw the camera and ran to hide in the dog house while Sandy (my parents dog) and Daisy kept begging him to come back out and play:Jared cooked us shis-ka-bobs (sp?) one night. They were yummy! Sorry you missed out Chad...but I'm sure your food in Austin was almost as good. ;)We also finally got to go watch Victoria at Gymnastics! It was so fun to see her in action! Here's a small glimpse, although they did several other things that were "Pre-School Aged" appropriate:

Here's another one of those "quick smiles" from the little gymnist with the happy couple:
And, the girls!!...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Parents Visit

For my first part of Spring Break my parents and Victoria came to Abilene to visit! :) I always love having visitors!! (Especially when Chad has to be gone). Mom's spring break was a week before mine, so I was lucky they got to come and keep me company. They came with me to my Open House Thursday night and Friday during the day they fended for their own while I was at work. Who would've known, I came home to clean laundry, sink and bedroom! Those 'rents sure are great! Friday night mom wanted pizza and dad wanted some pasta so we settled for Joe's Italian. We ordered pizza and pasta and it was delicious! We spent time playing in the yard with Victoria and Ty. Later we worked on hanging the decorations I have had on the walls. Pictures to come of the house later! Here's Victoria in the yard...She LOVED the leaves...It doesn't matter if she's been playing outside and in the leaves for hours or not, she's still so darn cute!Saturday morning we woke up and had AM donuts...MMMMmmmm! :) Later we walked Ty and took Victoria to the park. (No good pictures at the park though, because their were a couple of birthdays, and a couple of bossy girls. Unfortunately, we didn't stay long.)On the way back Victoria played with the "blow flowers"...After another day of work and play at the house we ate out at Jason's Deli...Dad's typical stance...Later, we made the 4 1/2 hour trek back home...*Ty smiling for a picture...WHAT?!......Not so much anymore..."It's okay Ty"-VictoriaIt was a great visit from the 'rents and Victoria! They had a lot of fun, and ma really enjoyed working on the house (she just likes that kind of stuff). I'm so glad that they could come and can't wait for another visit!!!!