Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear Spring Break

Dear Spring Break,
I wish I understood the game you play with my emotions. I am an emotional wreck as you are so blissfully close, yet soooo far away. My body is excited to see the R&R that comes with you sweet Spring Break. But I'm pretty sure that my biological clock has been forced into "catch up mode" for the laziness that is to come. My clock has crammed as much as humanly possible onto my plate right now. I am tired to the point of exhaustion because of you, Spring Break. But you know what? It's okay and I still have love for you because...
1. You will always be there.
2. I'm an emotional eater.
Either way, one trip to Albertson's will always do the trick for a 'full plate' *no pun intended!
Or, it will just get me through the days while you are away. Spring Break the year between us is too long. I can not wait to see you again in the near future.


  1. When is your spring break? Have plans?

  2. she Obviously has plans rebecca, she's planning on getting fat...

  3. Spring Break is the week of the 15th! Currently, no plans. Chad is tied up with a conference half the time so the plan might be to eat more...hahaha ;)