Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jared's BDay Surprise

We celebrated Jared's birthday altogether this year. This is a rarity for us to all be together on his BDay considering he is usually working, or his birthday does not fall quite on Spring Break. Not this year!
...We all bought him "golf related" gifts...because Angela's gift for him was supposed to be golf clubs. He really enjoyed it and thought he knew what was coming...Then Angela revealed the BIG surprise!...She pulled out Metal Skewers and a Grilling Basket. WHAT???? Not quite what Jared was expecting...hahaha...I think he had a little bit a disappointment on his face so we told Chad to go get him his REAL gift...Drum Roll Please...


But, eventually (after lots of tricking) there was a happy man in the house... And the golf clubs went to the appropriate person...Happy Birthday!

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