Thursday, March 18, 2010

Open House!

One week ago was our school's Open House. This is an event where parents can come to the school to view their students work, classrooms, and participate in a few fund raisers. We host a hot dog dinner and raffle to support "Jammin' Jumpers". The Book Fair is also going on during the week of Open House to raise some extra money for our school!
It is my favorite of all events we do because it is so fun to watch the kids prepare their "best" work for their parents and then show it off on the night of Open House. And a special little treat for me, my parents and Victoria were able to come...This was an especially nice treat since Chad was leaving early for a conference!!
This year our students prepared 'paper versions' of themselves to showcase as well! *It took a lot of time to prepare, and I will start it a LOT sooner next year, but it was completely worth it! They turned out SO CUTE... Silly me forgot to take any pictures. :/ I was lucky to even have the one above because my amazing hubs took it!
Just for the record, on their desk is a sweet little poem handwritten by the students to their parents, a checklist of items to check out before they leave, and a suitcase packed with recent work.
Can't believe it is already March and the year is coming to a quick end! This is one tough group of sweet kids who have made so much progress...I am so proud of them!!

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