Friday, March 19, 2010

Parents Visit

For my first part of Spring Break my parents and Victoria came to Abilene to visit! :) I always love having visitors!! (Especially when Chad has to be gone). Mom's spring break was a week before mine, so I was lucky they got to come and keep me company. They came with me to my Open House Thursday night and Friday during the day they fended for their own while I was at work. Who would've known, I came home to clean laundry, sink and bedroom! Those 'rents sure are great! Friday night mom wanted pizza and dad wanted some pasta so we settled for Joe's Italian. We ordered pizza and pasta and it was delicious! We spent time playing in the yard with Victoria and Ty. Later we worked on hanging the decorations I have had on the walls. Pictures to come of the house later! Here's Victoria in the yard...She LOVED the leaves...It doesn't matter if she's been playing outside and in the leaves for hours or not, she's still so darn cute!Saturday morning we woke up and had AM donuts...MMMMmmmm! :) Later we walked Ty and took Victoria to the park. (No good pictures at the park though, because their were a couple of birthdays, and a couple of bossy girls. Unfortunately, we didn't stay long.)On the way back Victoria played with the "blow flowers"...After another day of work and play at the house we ate out at Jason's Deli...Dad's typical stance...Later, we made the 4 1/2 hour trek back home...*Ty smiling for a picture...WHAT?!......Not so much anymore..."It's okay Ty"-VictoriaIt was a great visit from the 'rents and Victoria! They had a lot of fun, and ma really enjoyed working on the house (she just likes that kind of stuff). I'm so glad that they could come and can't wait for another visit!!!!


  1. Looks like y'all had a great visit!! Wish someone would wash my clothes and clean my bedroom ;-) I can't beleive how big Victoria is getting!! Ty looks really cute in his "smiling" picture! Can't wait to see you again!

  2. Thanks!!! Yeah they are good to have around for a couple of reasons! ;) Hahaha...jk! I know Victoria is growing up soo fast! Hope to see u soon also!