Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Visit

For part of our Spring Break Chad and I headed out to East Texas to see our families! It was fun but fast! Chad's trip started out with a few days at SXSW in Austin, while I rode to East Texas with my parents. So, it was very nice once he was back around. While in East Texas we spent time visiting our family, babysitting Victoria, watching Ty play with his new best friend Daisy (Clint and Kristen's dog), and visiting my grandma. We wish we had a few more days to spend, but that's how the story always goes!

Ty was immediately attached to Daisy. They played like the best of friends and never stopped. Seriously, they NEVER stopped playing! We had to separate them at times just so they would stop and rest. It helped Ty for the car ride home though! He was sound asleep almost the entire way! I tried to take some good pictures of them playing together but this is what happened...Ty saw the camera and ran to hide in the dog house while Sandy (my parents dog) and Daisy kept begging him to come back out and play:Jared cooked us shis-ka-bobs (sp?) one night. They were yummy! Sorry you missed out Chad...but I'm sure your food in Austin was almost as good. ;)We also finally got to go watch Victoria at Gymnastics! It was so fun to see her in action! Here's a small glimpse, although they did several other things that were "Pre-School Aged" appropriate:

Here's another one of those "quick smiles" from the little gymnist with the happy couple:
And, the girls!!...

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