Thursday, March 25, 2010

TY-Photo Shoot-What???!!

For those of you who know Ty, you know that he does NOT like pictures!! I think we may have figured out why. We think that the flash reminds him of lightning (we found out recently he gets very scared during thunderstorms). Either way, he will not let you take one single picture. The second he even hears the sound of a camera turning on or setting itself to focus...he's this:Well recently, when Chad mowed the lawn, Ty could not hear the sound of the camera over the mower. AND, there was no flash since it was during the daylight. He had NO clue, and I took every opportunity to take as many pictures as I could!!! Brace yourself, here they are...


  1. Aawww! Ty looks so cute! I'm glad you got some good shots finally!

  2. Thanks ya'll!!

    He IS such a sweetie, Jenny! :)

    Alisa (haha I called you your first name) I am so excited TOO that I actually have some pictures!! I never thought I would!