Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weed Killer

Our yard had become infested with weeds so this past weekend Chad became the "weed killer." We sat and stared at the yard for *what seemed like a* pretty long time, trying to figure out the game plan. The weeds had grown up pretty bad so we weren't sure where to start. Finally, Chad went and found the best tool we had for the job...a shovel. He started jabbing away at the weeds. It worked pretty good for a little while, but it didn't take long before our generous neighbor came over and suggested Chad borrow a hoe. Our neighbor used to be in the lawn service and has offered his help and suggestions a few times. We are so grateful for him! It was much easier with the new tool and it made the job much quicker! Thanks neighbor!! :)
And, of course this guy couldn't be left in the backyard alone!! He came to join in on the "fun"!Looking good Chad!!!! Unfortunately, one project leads to another, to another, to another...

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