Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home-Made Play-Doh!

Victoria asked me on the telephone the other day if I could come visit her and bring her some play-doh. Well, the chances of me coming to visit her anytime soon were pretty slim but Chad would be seeing Jared that weekend so I told her that I would give some play-doh... to Chad... to give to Jared... to give to her. Following? Good! I didn't have the car (at the time) to go and buy any play-doh. But I did have the ingredients needed to make a recipe I saw online. I didn't have any cream of tarter so this version of play-doh "does not last as long." Hopefully it lasts until it gets to Victoria! Anyway, you should try it it's easy!!

You add 1 Cup of flour:and 1/4 Cup of Salt in a bowl:Mix together:Then add 1/4 Cup of water:Knead together until it is a clay-like consistancy. (You may have to add more water):Store in an air-tight container. Add your message on the bottom. And, VOILA!...Hope you enjoy your play-doh Victoria!!! :) Next time I come see you we will make it together!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm a Hero!

*Note* I wrote this post Sunday but am just now posting on Monday.

I became a hero today. Earlier while relaxing on the couch I never knew I would have such an UNrelaxing heroic 5 minutes. That's when I heard Ty jump up from his couch in the sun room to chase after something. Usually he will get up and go bark at things out in the backyard but this was no ordinary get up to go bark. I could tell something was fixing to be in a lot of trouble. I look out to notice there was a blue jay flying around in the sun room fearing for it's life as Ty is chasing after it. EEEKK!!!
My first thought was *HOW DID THAT BIRD GET IN THERE??? I mean, the door was only propped open approximately 8 inches and all other windows were closed. I guess the blue jay was looking for trouble.*
My second thought is oh no...poor bird. Frantically, I am yelling for Ty to STOP! NO! DON'T DO IT TY! (like he was really listening at this point...he was already in attack mode). I threw on my closest pair of shoes (rain boots) and ran outside to became a hero. I had to pull him away from his prey and bring him into the house (I bet he wishes blue jays would fly into the sun room more often).
I then hurried back outside to save the poor bird. I propped the door open all the way expecting he would fly out...nope. He continued to flutter his wings in fright and peck at the window. I had to open one of the windows. However, I didn't want to get very close to this crazy bird at the moment for fear that he might fly into my face or peck my leg...you never know! So, I opened the window 3 down from him. He didn't even notice he just kept on flapping and pecking. So I tried for the window 2 down from him. Nothing. I try the window right next to him. Still nothing! Then I try getting on the other side to "shoo" him out. He still continues to flap and peck at the same spot. By this point I am no longer thinking "poor bird". At this point I'm laughing so I run in to get my camera. Too bad by the time I came back he was a goner. *In a good way of course.* He was gone, back into the wild, back into his habitat. And I'm sure he hoped he would never enter an 8 inch opening of our door again.
I'd like to think I saved that birds life. I'm a hero. We talked about heroes at school last week. I think I should share this story with my students. "How Mrs. Hutchins became a hero last weekend." Yep, I will. I can already see the looks of amazement on their faces.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

MMMmmmm Joe's Pizza!

Last night I fancied myself to Joe's pizza, a glass of wine and TV. I caught the end of the movie "While You Were Sleeping". And I'd say it was quite the peaceful night. (No I did not eat that entire pizza!) I took some for me and the rest was sent with Chad to my brother's and dad while they "manned" it up at the Texas Motor Speedway during NASCAR weekend. Unfortunately, the rain did not cooperate quite as they wished it would have. Good thing they could devour into some Joe's Pizza!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Balloon Rockets

My mom bought the boys "Balloon Rockets" for their Easter baskets. She never knew they would be such a hit! We spent a lot of time outside blowing up and flying these balloons...
And here's a little video of the fun...Just make sure your sound is on for the ending! ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crazy Kids. Crazy Daisy.

Nobody loves the water more than these boys:Except Daisy?? (Clint and Kristen's half dog - half fish)The water was so cold but that did not stop them... ...from jumping right in!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Family Photos!

On Easter, we had the opportunity to take several pictures. Kristen helped me pose and we snapped away. It was a lot of fun and now we have some updated pictures to print! (Or everyone else can print them, since I'm not so good at staying on top of that!...so many empty frames! haha) Enjoy!!!

Jared, Angela, Victoria:Clint, Kristen:
Me, Chad:
Brenda and her family:
Kristen, Angela, Me:All of the ladies and our new favorite picture on top! ;)My Family:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 3

For Easter #3 we were at my parents house. Brenda and Johnny came down with the boys and Teylor. We all had a really great time!

First we ate and enjoyed all of the yummy food and then opened some "Easter Goodies." One of which was these balloon rockets which deserve their own post. Pictured are the baskets for the little kiddos and the eggs we were going to hide later. Also, my mom made a Jello dessert that I thought was so cute!After we ate and the little kiddos opened their Easter baskets, the adults (aka: big kids) hid the eggs for the egg hunt!Ready! Set! Go! And off they went.... The boys had a little bit of an advantage over Victoria, so she Jared had set up a secret trail for her that led her to a pile of about 20 eggs. Ha!The happy kids with all of their eggs. Now inside to count...You're probably thinking 173 eggs for 3 kids?!?! You're probably thinking we're crazy. Maybe so. My mom actually didn't think it was that many. Reason being, we grew up with my grandma always putting out an insane amount of eggs for us grandkids. That's just the way it was...the more the better. Even when Easter egg hunting was passed down to the few great-grandkids there was still an insane amount of eggs put out. So, I guess since she wouldn't have had it any other way...neither would we! :) She would be so proud!!

Last but not least we took several photos since it was so nice outside! These will come later! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2

Later, Chad and I visited his dad for a lunch at Smash Burger. Smash Burger is new to Tyler and is supposed to be similar to In 'n' Out Burger. Chad and I didn't order much because we were still full from breakfast but Mr. Mark really enjoyed his burger! I'd say it must have been good considering the amount of people that were piling in! After lunch, we went to visit Chad's grandma, DeeDee. It had been a while since we had seen her so it was a very nice visit. Mr. Mark is in the process of building a new house on a lot beside DeeDee. The first stages of building the house are being completed. But, I'd say there is still a little more to be done. ;) I love the East Texas trees and I think it would be so beautiful to see them out my back window. Mr. Mark has always been so good at yard work so I'm sure this will be cleaned out and looking very nice one day!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 1

Chad and I went to see our families for the Easter holiday. We started off with a yummy breakfast via Chad's mom. She made us some delicious biscuits, bacon and eggs! Then we sat around to visit and catch up on life. There were no kids to have an Easter egg hunt, but Miss Alisa did buy us both themed Easter baskets. (And we loved it!) She gave us 2 baskets full of goodies...one in blue (Chad) and one in green (me)! We had so much fun opening and looking at all of the crazy variations of candy. Thanks sooo much Miss Alisa! You are always such a thoughtful gift giver!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chad's New Toy

Yep, he finally got it. He's been dreaming of having a PS3 ever since he played on Martin's several months ago. Well I guess you could say his dream came true. Now I have to be careful, or he will look like this all the time: