Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2

Later, Chad and I visited his dad for a lunch at Smash Burger. Smash Burger is new to Tyler and is supposed to be similar to In 'n' Out Burger. Chad and I didn't order much because we were still full from breakfast but Mr. Mark really enjoyed his burger! I'd say it must have been good considering the amount of people that were piling in! After lunch, we went to visit Chad's grandma, DeeDee. It had been a while since we had seen her so it was a very nice visit. Mr. Mark is in the process of building a new house on a lot beside DeeDee. The first stages of building the house are being completed. But, I'd say there is still a little more to be done. ;) I love the East Texas trees and I think it would be so beautiful to see them out my back window. Mr. Mark has always been so good at yard work so I'm sure this will be cleaned out and looking very nice one day!


  1. Cute. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the visit with you two. Love ya'll.

  2. Welcome! We really enjoyed the visit too!!