Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 3

For Easter #3 we were at my parents house. Brenda and Johnny came down with the boys and Teylor. We all had a really great time!

First we ate and enjoyed all of the yummy food and then opened some "Easter Goodies." One of which was these balloon rockets which deserve their own post. Pictured are the baskets for the little kiddos and the eggs we were going to hide later. Also, my mom made a Jello dessert that I thought was so cute!After we ate and the little kiddos opened their Easter baskets, the adults (aka: big kids) hid the eggs for the egg hunt!Ready! Set! Go! And off they went.... The boys had a little bit of an advantage over Victoria, so she Jared had set up a secret trail for her that led her to a pile of about 20 eggs. Ha!The happy kids with all of their eggs. Now inside to count...You're probably thinking 173 eggs for 3 kids?!?! You're probably thinking we're crazy. Maybe so. My mom actually didn't think it was that many. Reason being, we grew up with my grandma always putting out an insane amount of eggs for us grandkids. That's just the way it was...the more the better. Even when Easter egg hunting was passed down to the few great-grandkids there was still an insane amount of eggs put out. So, I guess since she wouldn't have had it any other way...neither would we! :) She would be so proud!!

Last but not least we took several photos since it was so nice outside! These will come later! :)