Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home-Made Play-Doh!

Victoria asked me on the telephone the other day if I could come visit her and bring her some play-doh. Well, the chances of me coming to visit her anytime soon were pretty slim but Chad would be seeing Jared that weekend so I told her that I would give some play-doh... to Chad... to give to Jared... to give to her. Following? Good! I didn't have the car (at the time) to go and buy any play-doh. But I did have the ingredients needed to make a recipe I saw online. I didn't have any cream of tarter so this version of play-doh "does not last as long." Hopefully it lasts until it gets to Victoria! Anyway, you should try it it's easy!!

You add 1 Cup of flour:and 1/4 Cup of Salt in a bowl:Mix together:Then add 1/4 Cup of water:Knead together until it is a clay-like consistancy. (You may have to add more water):Store in an air-tight container. Add your message on the bottom. And, VOILA!...Hope you enjoy your play-doh Victoria!!! :) Next time I come see you we will make it together!