Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm a Hero!

*Note* I wrote this post Sunday but am just now posting on Monday.

I became a hero today. Earlier while relaxing on the couch I never knew I would have such an UNrelaxing heroic 5 minutes. That's when I heard Ty jump up from his couch in the sun room to chase after something. Usually he will get up and go bark at things out in the backyard but this was no ordinary get up to go bark. I could tell something was fixing to be in a lot of trouble. I look out to notice there was a blue jay flying around in the sun room fearing for it's life as Ty is chasing after it. EEEKK!!!
My first thought was *HOW DID THAT BIRD GET IN THERE??? I mean, the door was only propped open approximately 8 inches and all other windows were closed. I guess the blue jay was looking for trouble.*
My second thought is oh no...poor bird. Frantically, I am yelling for Ty to STOP! NO! DON'T DO IT TY! (like he was really listening at this point...he was already in attack mode). I threw on my closest pair of shoes (rain boots) and ran outside to became a hero. I had to pull him away from his prey and bring him into the house (I bet he wishes blue jays would fly into the sun room more often).
I then hurried back outside to save the poor bird. I propped the door open all the way expecting he would fly out...nope. He continued to flutter his wings in fright and peck at the window. I had to open one of the windows. However, I didn't want to get very close to this crazy bird at the moment for fear that he might fly into my face or peck my never know! So, I opened the window 3 down from him. He didn't even notice he just kept on flapping and pecking. So I tried for the window 2 down from him. Nothing. I try the window right next to him. Still nothing! Then I try getting on the other side to "shoo" him out. He still continues to flap and peck at the same spot. By this point I am no longer thinking "poor bird". At this point I'm laughing so I run in to get my camera. Too bad by the time I came back he was a goner. *In a good way of course.* He was gone, back into the wild, back into his habitat. And I'm sure he hoped he would never enter an 8 inch opening of our door again.
I'd like to think I saved that birds life. I'm a hero. We talked about heroes at school last week. I think I should share this story with my students. "How Mrs. Hutchins became a hero last weekend." Yep, I will. I can already see the looks of amazement on their faces.