Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I laughed.

The other day I needed my camera for class. I of course, left it at home charging. My incredibly sweet husband volunteered to get it from home and bring it to me. (These are the days I envy the flexibility of his job.) While he was on his way back to my school, he calls to tell me the camera is broken. I didn't really understand he just told me that he dropped it and it still works but it won't shut off so they battery life may be very short. I'm thinking well it still works no big deal! When he brought it to me I was so confused because there weren't many scratches. So I asked him how it happened and he says...

"Well I was just trying to take a funny picture of myself and that's when I dropped it on the concrete..."
"...And that's when I called you..."

I laughed.

Oh and don't worry, we fixed the camera by just popping the end back in! :) We can now add this to the list of funny things Chad has done...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend Chad and I traveled to the Big D. We stayed with Clint and Kristen and had a very good time at their house! They took us to a yummy restaurant just a few blocks down the street. Then we met Kristen's sister, Felicia who brought some yummy late night cravings of cake and cookies over. We went crazy over the sweets!! Kristen, Felicia, Daisy and I had fun staying up late talking about wedding stuff and watching Father of the Bride, while Clint and Chad gamed it up in the 'Mancave.' Clint is so proud of his mancave (note: one word). hahaha

Spencer was going to be in town so we met Chad's parents and April's family to have a big lunch get together for Mother's Day. The Cracker Barrel lunch was fantastic (as always) and afterward we headed over to April's family's house for some yummy desserts! I just loved the character of April's house. It was so cute!! We had so much fun playing with their little dogs and just sitting around and visiting. I imagine that the next time we see Spencer and April they will be getting married!! A very exciting time in their life and we are very happy for them. Miss Alisa really enjoyed her time with the kids and made for a great mother's day. We are so thankful for everything you do for us Miss Alisa! Happy Mother's Day!And, to my Mom, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!! I hope all of your sniffles and coughs have gone away and you are feeling better. We really missed getting to see you this Mother's day but I enjoyed talking with you on the phone!! *Hope you enjoy your flowers!! ;) Love you so much!!!...and this picture of you mid-chocolate bite. We love our candy!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

And a Tree...

We planted a Japanese Red Maple Tree. I have been wanting one for a very very long time. I have always thought this tree is so pretty. Lowe's had them half off so we bought a small one just to test it out. My family apparently does not have much luck with these trees because of where we have lived. Let's hope West Texas holds out for us!

Friday, May 7, 2010

And the Front Flowerbed...

*Warning* This post has more pictures, less words. Sometimes it's just better that way...

Getting the flower bed ready...
*Please note Chad who just dumped the wheelbarrow over...lol!! Bordered with stones. Ready to plant... I wanted to plant red knockout rose bushes in this flowerbed but I couldn't find quite the deal as I did on the pink ones for the back. So, we settled on the "whatever Carla thought was pretty at the time" variety. It was a fun trip for me!! :) I just love how it turned out. It makes me so happy when we drive in!!! haha. I especially like the nameless neighbor's compliment (who we've never met) while walking by said "That looks so much better!!" And to that nameless neighbor...Thanks!! We agree!Now to wait for some of it to grow and spread...

Getting the Yard Ready

Go back with me to about 2 weeks ago when Chad and I worked on leveling out the front yard and getting it ready for a flowerbed. What this meant was shoveling dirt and grass for a loooooong time. The previous owners of our house had placed a raised flowerbed bordered with wooden beams around a tree in the front.
Here's the best before picture I have:Chad had previously moved the wooden beams from around a tree in our front yard. We were left with a large area of 'elevated' grass around the tree. We transplanted the grass to other areas of our front yard that needed it. Now we're just hoping for the shock of it being transplanted to pass and for the grass to begin growing. Underneath the grass was about a foot tall of dirt. We worked from 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm one Saturday hauling off dirt to other low areas of the yard. No lie ... 5 1/2 hours of shoveling and 'wheelbarrowing' dirt. We were sore. We calculated it up that we moved near 30 loads of dirt. I don't know what kind of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th wind my body had to enable me to do that kind of physical labor. But we are very proud of our work and much happier with the way it looks.
Beginnning to move the grass...Half way through the shoveling...Laying the grass in other areas...Yay! Level and ready for a flowerbed!!*Whew! We are glad that is done!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Backyard Flowerbed

Last weekend was a 3 day weekend for me...HOORAY!! It's always nice to have that extra day. Then I feel like I actually get a good amount of chores at home COMPLETED before returning to school the next week. We tackled the yard work this weekend and it was so fun! Weather was on our side, and we were working on the flowerbeds!!! I've been wanting to do flowerbeds for a very long time so I was one happy camper! We worked on the back flowerbed first, which was more of an after thought, but I love how it turned out. We put in 4 pink double knock-out rose bushes. I had been looking them up online for a while and all the reviews say they are the 'best thing ever.' So when I saw them at Lowe's for a steal of a price I figured I had to experience this 'best thing ever'. I can't wait for the blooms to start coming out! For accents I added the little yellow/orange flowers and bordered with the monkey grass.

Here's the before pictures:Gotta love the random unused doghouse that we just placed here temporarily. We now have it cleaned out and washed off so the doghouse can actually be used for what it's intended, rather than some tacky yard decor. ;)Flowers and top soil bought.Dirt ready to plant...Flowers planted and looking great!I loved how it turned out! A little splash of color for our backyard! :)Ty loved it too! So much so that he had to mark his territory in the flowerbed by trampling through it once we returned to work. And, eating a few flowers. Yes, flowers. (I promise we feed our dog). No worries all is salvaged and back to normal!!