Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I laughed.

The other day I needed my camera for class. I of course, left it at home charging. My incredibly sweet husband volunteered to get it from home and bring it to me. (These are the days I envy the flexibility of his job.) While he was on his way back to my school, he calls to tell me the camera is broken. I didn't really understand he just told me that he dropped it and it still works but it won't shut off so they battery life may be very short. I'm thinking well it still works no big deal! When he brought it to me I was so confused because there weren't many scratches. So I asked him how it happened and he says...

"Well I was just trying to take a funny picture of myself and that's when I dropped it on the concrete..."
"...And that's when I called you..."

I laughed.

Oh and don't worry, we fixed the camera by just popping the end back in! :) We can now add this to the list of funny things Chad has done...